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New York

New York is the largest city in America, located on the northeast Atlantic coast.For more than a century, New York City has been the world’s most important commercial and financial center, as well as directly influencing global media, politics, education, entertainment, and fashion.Its enormous economic and political influence throughout the world is second to none. New York, London, and Tokyo are collectively known as the "three top international metropolises."This city has many world-renowned museums, fantastic restaurants, exciting attractions, various recreational activities, and unparalleled urban shopping venues. You will never forget this city once you have visited it.


Broadway means "broad street," and refers to a 25 km long street starting from Battery Park in New York City and running through Manhattan island from south to north.Broadway is lined with dozens of theaters. The theaters on 44th street to 53rd street are called "inner Broadway" and theaters on 41st street to 56th street are known as "outer Broadway."The inner Broadway theaters put on classic, popular, and commercial performances while in the outer Broadway theaters, you can see experimental, unknown, and low-budget shows. Today, Broadway is not just a road that runs through Manhattan Island, but is also synonymous with the theater.

Address:Broadway in New York City.

Statue of Liberty

This is the American landmark, located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.Known as the symbol of America, the Statue of Liberty which you are familiar with is formally known as "Liberty Enlightening the World." It is the national monument of America and is also a symbol of democracy and freedom around the world.The Statue of Liberty is hollow inside. Visitors can reach the statue’s head by elevator.

Address:Mouth of the Hudson River in New York City.

Central Park

Central Park is known as the "back garden" of New York, and was the first park to be built completely based on landscape architecture design criteria.It spans an amazing 843 acres.The park includes a large idyllic sanctuary with dense woods, lakes and lawns, and even farms and ranches. Sheep graze on the ranches.Here, you can take a leisurely walk, fly a kite, throw Frisbees, go skating, sunbathe, watch animals in the zoo, or have a picnic on the grass. In short, you will not be bored.

Address:Central Park, New York.

New York City is known worldwide as being a shopper’s paradise.Here, top names in fashion design and make clothing for celebrities, leading the contemporary fashion trends.The flagship stores themselves are legendary attractions.The corners of this city house all the treasures you could ever hope for, from rare books to customized jewelry.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue in New York is the byword for the highest quality and taste. Many top brands can be found here.Fifth Avenue is characterized by luxury goods, up-scale brands, and high-grade quality. Brands pay sky-high rents to feature on Fifth Avenue.

Address:Junction between the central axis of Manhattan and 47th Street.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Many visitors come to America for the shopping experience, and the famous Woodbury Common premium goods outlet center in New York is a popular destination with visitors.Currently, the outlet has more than 220 branded stores and is one of the largest designer outlets in the world.Every day, thousands of goods from international brands are sold here at great discounts. The world’s only Chanel outlet store is also located here.

Address:Suburbs of New York.

New York offers a diverse and world-famous food experience.New York City boasts more than 18,000 restaurants, where you can find flavors from all around the world, including Afghanistan, Creole, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mongolia, and China.You must also have a taste of the traditional, Continental, Mediterranean, and New American food.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs are the most common food in America.The so-called hot dog is a grilled sausage sandwiched in a long bread roll.In America, hot dogs are sold everywhere. You really must taste the hot dogs sold in the streets̶̶ from mobile carts―these hot dogs are cheap and authentic, and display genuine American characteristics.

Address:Mobile carts in streets.

Corned beef on rye

Corned beef on rye is a sandwich made from rye bread and corned beef, with mustard and pickled cucumber.These are delicious and are well worth tasting.

Recommended restaurant:B. Smith

Address:320 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036.


Sandwiches are bread filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, etc., garnished with seasonings and sauces. The bread is often lightly coated with salad dressing, butter, or flavored oil when baked to improve the taste and texture. Sandwiches are easy to carry and eat, and so they are often used as working lunches or food for picnics, hiking, and traveling.

Recommended restaurant:Planet Hollywood

Address:1540 Broadway, New York, NY, USA.


New York Harbor has two major channels:One channel is the New York Bay to the south of the Hudson River mouth. Ships entering the port from the south or east run through this channel to enter New York Harbor and head for the various port areas.The other channel is the Long Island Sound and the East River. Ships entering the port from the north pass through this channel.


Taking a bus in New York is very simple. There is a bus stop on every other street. The fare is $2.75 each time―the same as the subway fare.Buses running in each New York district are marked with the first letter of the district’s name. For example, buses running in the Manhattan district are marked with an M, and buses running in the Queens district with a Q.Most buses only run within the local district, but there a few buses which run in different districts.Passengers need to ring the bell to get off. The "stop" sign then appears at the front.


You can flag down a taxi in the streets of New York whose light is on (number on the top of the taxi).When an empty taxi passes by, you can stop it by simply waving your hand.The starting taxi fare is $2.50. $0.50 will be added for each additional ⅕ mile or stopping on the road for more than 60 seconds. Between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am, an additional $0.50 is added. The New York tax is $0.50 and a tip of 10-15% must be added.


The metro system runs 24 hours a day and has the most routes and stations in the world.$2.75 will get you to any other subway station.Most subway station entrances are located on street corners, with large signs and signs leading down the stairs.

Currency: US dollar (USD)

Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code: + 003493


New York has distinct season changes.The average temperature in summer is 23 ℃ while the average temperature in winter is 1 ℃.In spring, it is warm and sunny.In summer, temperatures may reach higher than 30 ℃. Showers may occur in the afternoons.In autumn, the maple leaves become red and it is slightly cooler in the morning and evening.In winter, temperatures can fall below zero.The average annual precipitation is about 260 mm.


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