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Located on the east of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Southeast China, Guiyang serves as the capital city of Guizhou Province as well as a transport hub, industrial base and the center of business and trade, tourism and services in the west. It's acclaimed as the 'Summer Resort Capital' due to the favorable average temperature in the hottest months. A saying goes: 'Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou parallel with it on earth; but Guiyang is the most comfortable'.

Red Maple Lake

32 kilometers from downtownSpanning over Qingzhen City and Pingba County, there are a total of 178 islands within the lake. With a total area of 200 square kilometers, of which 57.2 are covered with water, it is the largest man-made lake on the Guizhou Plateau. It was approved by the State Council as a State-level Scenic Zone in 1988.

Address:To the west of urban Qingzhen City

Wenchang Pavilion (Pavilion of Flourishing Culture)

Built in 1096, it is a Taoist temple covering an area of 1200 square meters. It is a three-story pavilion with a nine-sided shape on a square base. Known for its delicate design and unique structure, the pavilion is on the list of the State-level Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit.

Address:At the semi-circular enclosure of East Gate, Guiyang.

Qingyan Ancient Town

29 kilometers from downtownRanking among the Top Four Ancient Towns of Guizhou, it has a history of 620 years. Having been an ancient town of military significance, it is filled with ancient architectures built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Pavilions and towers, painted beams and angles and tiers of eaves are seen everywhere. It is acclaimed as one of the most charming towns in China.

Address:In the southern suburb of Guiyang.

There are a variety of crafts and local specialties in Guiyang, among which beef jerky, pepper, Chinese medicine, silver products of the Miao minority people, log art, ox horn products and rough and primitive totem masks are well known. Most of these shops selling local specialties center around Beijing Road. Shopping streets are distributed along the main roads of the urban area, such as Zhonghua Road, Zunyi Road, Ruijin Road, Beijing Road and Zhongshan Road. Among them, Zhonghua Road is the place where regular shopping malls are located. Department stores are a shopping paradise in Guiyang, while local people are inclined to spend their leisure time at the Bird and Flower Market and the Antique Market on Yangming Road at weekends.

The essence of Guiyang food lies in its reasonable price and good taste. Well-known delicacies, such as stir-fried chicken with hot chilies, Siwawa (vegetables wrapped in rolls) and baked tofu slices will definitely make you reluctant to leave. You will also appreciate the zest of Guiyang by savoring the various hot pot, stir-fried dishes, rice noodles and barbeque dishes.

Stir-fried chicken with hot chilies

This traditional home-made delicacy fully embodies the characteristics of Guiyang cuisine – spicy thus tasty. Numerous stalls serve this delicacy on the streets of Guiyang. The stall owner finishes cooking it very soon after your order and pours it into a take-away container. Then you take it home, open the package and eat before making hot pot with the leftovers. The stalls are very popular and there are big queues in front of them from time to time.

Recommended restaurant:Xi Feng Yang Lang Chicken Restaurant

Address: Jilin Road, Guiyang.

Siwawa (vegetables wrapped in rolls)

These vegetarian spring rolls are made by wrapping such ingredients as radish slices, chameleon plant, green bean sprouts, kelp slices, fried soybean and dried peppers into round-shaped rolls made of rice flour. The taste is marvelous!

Recommended restaurant:Aunt Yang Siwawa (Feishan Street Branch)

Address: 214-2 Feishan Street, Yunyan District, Guiyang.

Baked tofu slices

A very famous snack with a Guiyang flavor. It features a crispy outside but soft content, it is salty and spicy but delightfully smooth and tasty. It costs very little so there is no reason not to try it.


The bus in Guiyang operates on a self-service ticketing system using the IC card, costing 1 yuan per person per time. The medium-sized buses cover over 30 routes downtown at a single fare of 1.2 yuan per person per trip and 1.4 yuan after 22:00. Medium-sized buses are the most convenient and cheap means of transportation in Guiyang.


The initial rate is priced at 8 yuan excluding another 1 yuan as a fuel surcharge within 3 kilometers. The extra distance exceeding 3 kilometers is charged at 1.6 yuan per kilometer from 6:30–22:00 and 1.92 yuan per kilometer during the night (22:00–06:30).

CurrencyRMB (CNY)

Power consumption: 220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code86-0851


With an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, Guiyang belongs to the Fidler circulation and is thus constantly influenced by westerly winds. It has a subtropical wet and moderate climate with an annual average temperature of 15.3℃ and annual precipitation of 1129.5 millimeters.


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