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As one of the cities recognized for its historical and cultural significance, Shenyang is a metropolis with a long history of 2,000 years since its establishment as a vassal state. Being the capital city of Liaoning Province and appraised as the 'eldest son of the Republic', Shenyang serves as a center of economy, culture, transportation, business and trade in northeast China. It is not only the largest city in the northeast and the fourth nationwide, but also the most important industrial base of China, acclaimed as the 'Eastern Ruhr'. In 1625, Nurhachi moved the capital of the Later Jin Dynasty to Shenyang and renamed the city Shengjing.

Mukden Palace (Shenyang Imperial Palace)

Second only to the Forbidden City in Beijing, Mukden Palace is another completely preserved imperial palace in China. Located in the center of the Ming and Qing ancient city in Shenhe District, it represents the highest level of artistic achievement in palace architecture and embodies the unique historical and cultural features of the early Manchu period. Built in 1625, it served two reigns of both the inaugurator of the Qing Dynasty, Nurhachi, and Huang Taiji. After the movement of the capital to Beijing, the palace became a royal residence when the emperors returned on inspection tours or to worship their ancestors. Being the only palace for a minority local power in China, it combines Manchurian, Han, Mongolian and Tibetan architectural arts and is seen as a model palace complex, rich in value and characteristics of ancient China.

Address:171 Shenyang Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang.

Chessboard mountain

Located 20 kilometers away from downtown, it is the biggest natural scenic spot in Shenyang. Within the scenic area there are rising and falling mountains, twisting streams and valleys, lush hills, singing birds and fragrant flowers. The mountain is named after the legendary story that Lu Dongbin and Li Tieh-Kuai played chess here.

Address:In the northeast of Shenyang.

Zhao Mausoleum

Also widely known as the Northern Tomb, it is a tourist attraction that combines royal tombs of the Qing Dynasty and modern garden arts. The garden features towering pines and cypresses, a rippling lake and solemn palaces, which fully embodies the spectacle and magnificence of a royal cemetery and the elegance and grace of a contemporary garden. In addition to the emperor and empress, several other concubines and senior concubines such as Guanzhui Gongchen, Lin Zhigong and Yanqing Gongshu are also buried here. It is not only the most outstanding representation of royal tombs outside Shanhai Pass built during the early Qing period, but also one of the only existing completely preserved tomb complexes of feudal emperors.

Address:Located 5 kilometers north of ancient Shenyang city.

A variety of local specialties are available: rare and unusual ginseng, velvet antlers, Huishan dairy products, Zhongjie ice cream and Mr. De's cold drinks and snow beer, just to name a few. Time-honored brands such as Laolongkou liquor, Never Grow Old Mr. Lin's Sugar, and Tao and Li bread also enjoy a great reputation. In addition, medicine of Shenyang Hongyao, feather painting, paintings inlaid with colorful stones, Zhonghefu tea and Tianyitang Chinese medicine are also authentic specialties of ancient Shenyang popular among local residents and tourists.

Zhong Street (Central Street)

This is the top recommended shopping place in Shenyang. As a business street with a long history, Zhong Business Pedestrian Street obtains the name for its central location. Over 200 businesses, restaurants, cultural and recreational places are lined along the two sides of the kilometer-long Zhong Street.Along the street, ancient and contemporary buildings complement each other well, making it a comprehensive street with a combination of business and tourism functions. In addition to shopping, it also offers many tour attractions such as the Shenyang Imperial Palace and Marshal Zhang's Mansion.

Address:Located in the center of Shenyang. It can be reached from Zhongjie Station on Metro Line 1.

Known for its exquisite cooking methods, Shenyang cuisine has gone through a long history. It has developed its own unique style on the basis of Manchurian savory dishes with the influence of traditional royal elements and absorption of the essence of other famed cuisines around China. Liaoning cuisine, which has undergone a long evolution, is fully embodied in Shenyang. Under the influence of several famed cuisines around China and Shandong cuisine in particular, Liaoning cuisine draws its materials from wild delicacies in the neighboring mountains. Moreover, almost every dish has its own story relating to a historical event which people can relate to while enjoying the delicious food.

White meat with blood sausage

It evolves from the offerings used for worshiping Gods by ancient emperors and tribe leaders. It later became a traditional famed dish particular to Liaoning and Jilin Province.It features a fresh meaty flavor with no oily taste and pleasing colors of white and red.

Recommended restaurants:Guandong Great Courtyard

Address: 112 Taibaishan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang (east of Carrefour Supermarket).

Korean Minority Xita Cold Noodles

Xita Cold Noodles have that special Korean flavor. They are made by combining flour with starch pressed in boiling water. A special soup is poured into the freshly cooked noodles and covered with pepper powder to create an individual tasty favorite.

Recommended restaurants:Xita Cold Noodles Restaurant (Municipal Government Road Branch)

Address: 31 Shifu Dalu, Shenhe District, Shenyang City (Opposite Korean Minority Department Store).

Pancake stuffed with smoked meat

It is a famous dish for Han people in Liaoning Province with fresh pork as the main ingredient. It features freshness without an oily taste and a thick smoky flavor with a red color. The yellow cake crust smells good, and is soft inside and crispy outside.

Recommended restaurants:Li Liangui Smoked Meat Pancake Restaurant (Huanggu Branch)

Address: 127 Kunshan West Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang.


Nearly 150 bus lines connect all the big districts in the urban area of Shenyang. Most of them are operated on a self-service ticketing basis at the price of 1 yuan per person for one trip.


The initial rate is priced at 8 yuan plus another 1 yuan as a fuel surcharge within 3 kilometers during the daytime (06:00–22:00). This is adjusted to 9 yuan during the night time (22:00–06:00 the next morning). Passengers are discouraged from calling taxis just in front of the railway station and should walk to the opposite side of the road instead. Please ask the driver to charge by the meter and do not take an illegal private car.


Two metro lines are in operation and the fares are 2 yuan within 8 stops, 3 yuan for 9–12 stops and 4 yuan for 13 stops or more.

Currency:RMB (CNY)

Power consumption:220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code:86-024


The temperature rises quickly in spring and the sunshine is pleasant. It's hotter in summer, but still much cooler than in the south of China. The summer lasts for a short time with a pleasant moderate temperature. Skiing is on offer if you come in winter. The maximum extreme temperature reaches 38.3℃ and the minimum is -11℃. Annual precipitation ranges from 600 to 800 millimeters. April to October is the golden season for tourism and sightseeing in Shenyang. The winter is cold and dry with lots of winds blowing in a northerly and northwesterly direction. However, you can also enjoy the snowy landscape, snow sculptures and ice lanterns in the western area, and try skiing if you are an enthusiast.


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