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This southern island of Thailand lies on the Andaman sea to the south of Thailand and off the western coast of the Malaysian peninsula. In the southeast of the island, Phuket town serves as the capital as well as a big port and business center. Phuket Island is the biggest sea island but the smallest state in Thailand. It is called 'A pearl on the Andaman Sea' due to its fascinating scenery and abundant tourist resources. It is also rich in natural resources and thus nicknamed 'Treasure Island' or 'Gold and Silver Island'. The main mineral on the island is tin, but it also produces a large amount of rubber, seafood and some fruits. Industry and commerce as well as tourism are highly developed on the island.

The tourism industry on Phuket Island has been emerging since 1970 and is a typical representation of a south Asian tourist resort. Directly facing the Andaman sea, the western coast of the island features primitive white beaches. Each beach has its own advantages and charm. White beaches, lime reef stones of odd shapes and hills full of forests attract lots of tourists every year. Beaches and gulfs can be found everywhere and there are many hills on the island. Tourists can explore by taxi or motorcycle, and try diving or sailing by yacht.

Phiphi Island

Located in the Andaman Sea to the south of Thailand, it consists of two islands: one bigger and one smaller. These beautiful waters are also the estuary of Nujiang River. These two twin islands are connected by a passage and tourists usually stay overnight on the bigger one. This passage is the busiest place on the island, with hotels, restaurants, bars, diving schools, travel agents and grocery stalls densely located on both sides. It is more expensive living on Phiphi Island compared with other parts of Thailand.

Address:Approximately 20 kilometers to the southeast of Phuket Island.

Nam Tok Ton Sai (Ton Sai Waterfall)

Part of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, it lies in the north of Phuket Island and 20 kilometers away from Thalang. It is located 22 kilometers north of Phuket town and just a couple of kilometers to the east of Wat Patong. It houses the last completely preserved primitive tropical rain forest on Phuket Island and camping here is a good way to experience outdoor life. The most unique local plant is a palm tree called 'Palm Lang Khao' with the characteristic of white leaf back. It's said that this special kind of palm tree only grows here.

Address:Nam Tok Ton Sai, Thep Krasattri, Thalang.

Patong Beach

Located 15 kilometers away from Phuket town, it is the most developed beach district on Phuket Island. The beach is filled with tourists during day time and attracting increasingly more. Those who enjoy wandering and shopping would enjoy the stay here since there are several streets lined with shops and restaurants in the neighborhood. The commodity prices at Patong Beach are the highest in the entire island but it is less expensive on the streets further away from the beach.

Address: 15 kilometers from Phuket Town and can be reached by taking a tuk tuk in the center of the town.

Generally speaking, Phuket Island is not a superb choice for shopping. Commodity prices are high in the tourist attractions. Many goods are cheaper in Bangkok than on Phuket Island. There is a weekend bazaar open only on Sunday in Bangkok and you can find everything there. You can buy some hand-made crafts if your itinerary features Phuket Island only.

Thai cuisine is known all over the world for its delicious taste and fresh raw materials. The local flavor of Phuket cuisine is mainly embodied in the special flavored seafood which can be easily ordered in old restaurants. The main dining places are located densely on Patong Beach and in Phuket town. There are also some recommended ones scattered around other beaches although options are fewer.


The local flavor of Phuket cuisine is mainly embodied in the special flavored seafood. On Phuket Island, the original fresh taste of the seafood can be always retained whether it is cooked using Thai, Chinese or western methods.

Recommended restaurant:Climax on Bangla

Address:P62/3 Rat u tid.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Fragrant Thai rice, pineapple and vegetables are fried quickly together. The sour and sweet flavor will activate your appetite immediately after the first bite. Cooking with cashew nuts is also recommended to make the taste richer.

Recommended restaurant:Sunset Restaurant

Address:100 Cherngtalay.


The bus fare of Song Tiew ranges from 25 to 40 Thai Baht and the actual fare is determined by the length of your journey. There are no permanent stops and you can hop on and off. It is operated until 6 pm at intervals of about half an hour.

Motorcycle taxi

You will be charged 10–20 Thai Baht from Phuket bus station to Phuket town, and 100–200 Thai Baht to other beaches. This can be bargained. The motor driver is dressed in waistcoat with bright color and a number, and thus easily recognized. It is not feasible for long journeys but a good choice for wandering around the town.

CurrencyThai Baht (THB)

Power consumption: 220 V/20 Hz

Telephone area code0066-76


Mostly sunny with a little rain, Phuket Island is always suitable for traveling. The maximum temperature can reach 33–34℃ and the minimum falls to 22℃. The annual precipitation is approximately 1000 millimeters.


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