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Notes to Passengers (Intrenational Flights)


Passengers can only board the aircraft after they have reserved their seats. Passengers can reserve their seats in advance at sales offices or authorized agencies of China Southern Airline (CSN), through CSN’s hotline or CSN’s homepages. Passengers who have already reserved their seats shall purchase their tickets within CSN’s time limit, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled. If passengers do not intend to use the seats reserved on international or regional flights, including seats on connecting flights, they shall ask CSN’s sales offices or its agencies to cancel the reservation as early as possible.

Purchase of Ticket

To purchase international tickets, a passenger must present his valid passport or travel document for Hong Kong and Macao residents and Taiwan compatriots, residence permit, travel permit and other valid ID documents issued by public security organs; at the time of ticket purchase, passengers must provide valid travel documents to be used for check-in at airports.

To ensure China Southern Airlines provides better aftersales service in case of flight changes, a passenger must provide a mobile number that matches with his ID card number. If the passenger's mobile phone operator is a non-Chinese Mainland operator, the passenger must provide his email address.

Purchase of Ticket for special-care passengers

Special-care passengers who need special attention and adaptation based on their physical and mental ability such as UM、person with physical disability or intellectual impairment、pregnant woman、serious patient etc. can only be transported under certain condition. Special-care passengers can only book a ticket with the agreement of CSN or other carriers. If special-care passengers do not advise CSN in advance during the ticket purchase or present the relevant certificates, CSN has the right to refuse the carriage.

Seat allocation reservation

CSN provides seat allocation reservation for some operating flights. After the purchase, passengers could reserve seat allocation via CSN’s homepages, hotline, booking offices or CSN authorized sales agents. CSN shall make adequate efforts to meet seat allocation requests from passengers but cannot guarantee the allocation of a given seat. Given operating, security or safety concerns, CSN reserves the right to change the seat allocation even after boarding.

Electronic Ticket

Electronic ticket can be purchased at CSN’s sales offices, CSN’s sales agencies or via CSN’s homepages. The valid travel document presented for purchasing electronic ticket shall be the same with the one used for check-in at airport.


The ticket is valid only for the passenger whose name is listed on the ticket and can not be transferred and modified, or the ticket will be void and can not be refunded.

Ticket Validity

Except otherwise herein provided, the ticket validity for international air transportation is one year. The validity shall be measured from the date of commencement of travel for normal ticket; for the normal ticket with an unused first segment or for open ticket, the one year transport validity shall be measured from the date of issue. The validity of the ticket applying special fare shall be subject to CSN’s applicable rules of special fare.


The fare to be paid by passengers covers transportation expenses from the origin airport to the destination airport, excluding any ground transportation charges between airport and downtown; and the taxes, charges, or fees for services provided to the passengers that are collected by the government or authorities or the airport are not included. The use of special type ticket should be in accordance with its stated rule.

Children fare and infant fare

On the commencement of the travelling date, child ages 2 up to but not including 12 years old will be charged the applicable children fare and shall occupy a seat accordingly, but UM fare shall apply another rule. Infant younger than 2 years of age on the commencement of the travelling date without a seat will be charged 10% of the normal or applicable adult fare of the same cabine and same flight. Besides, only one infant may enjoy the discount while travelling in the company of an adult,infant younger than 2 years of age with a seat will apply the child fare.


Passengers who will be travelling on international or regional flights shall complete check-in formalities at designated airports before the check-in deadline with tickets, valid passports, visas and traveling documents. Passengers shall be liable for any loss or expense incurred solely by his/ her own failure to comply with the check-in and exit formalities. Check-in deadlines may vary among different airports, passengers are recommended to learn the relevant check-in deadline in advance and follow it when checking in.

Change of Tickets

When a passenger would like to change the flight number, traveling date or class after purchasing the tickets, CSN shall arrange it according to the actual circumstance and conditions of carriage. For passengers’ voluntary change, it shall be submitted within CSN’s stated time limit and conducted in line with the applicable rule of CSN’s public fare or special type fare.


Except in the case of loss of tickets, voluntary refunds of paper ticket shall only be made on presenting CSN the passenger coupon and all unused flight coupons. For electronic tickets, the ticket status shall be OPEN FOR USE when refunding and refund shall be processed within the valid period of the tickets according to CSN’s relative regulations. Refund shall be conducted at the original ticketing office with the passengers’ valid identity documents. If the ticket purchase is via CSN’s homepages, refund request shall be submitted via CSN’s homepages or sales hotline; and if the ticket is purchased via bank card, refund could only be returned to the bank card.


No-show means the passenger fails to board the aircraft either because he/she has not completed the check-in formalities before the check-in deadline or because he/she fails to present the required traveling documents. Tickets refund or change for no-show passengers shall be processed referring relative CSN rules for refund and change after departure. When passengers confirm they cannot fly with reserved flight, they shall advise CSN or agents in advance and cancel the booking.

Hand baggage

The maximum accepted weight of free hand baggage per passenger is 5 kilograms. The sum of three dimensions of each carry-on baggage must not exceed 115 cm.Carry-on items that exceed the limits to weight or volume should be transported as checked baggage. Please check your baggage at the check-in counter or self-service baggage checking equipment in advance. China Southern Airlines may inspect your baggage at check-in counter, security check counter, boarding gate and cabin. Your baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance will be charged as per excess baggage rate. According to the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Order No. 42 of the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, 2016), if your carry-on excess baggage doesn’t comply with relevant regulations, you must re-check the baggage at check-in counter or self-service baggage checking equipment, and such baggage may not arrive at the destination on the same flight with you.

Free baggage allowance-weight concept

Weight concept is applicable to the international flights carried by CZ except flights between China and Canada/USA, China and Europe (excluding routes to/from Russia and Mid Asia). The free baggage allowance for adults or children is 40 kg for first class, 30kg for business class and 20 kg for premium economy and economy class. For infant, the free baggage allowance is 10 kg and an additional collapsible stroller or a cradle. The maximum weight for each checked baggage must not exceed 50 kilograms with three dimensions no larger than 40×60×100 cm.

Free baggage allowance-piece Concept

Passengers (adults or children) holding international ticket for flights to/from Canada or United States are entitled to the free baggage allowance as follows: For first or business class, each passenger may bring 2 pieces of free check-in baggage, each baggage max. 32 kg (70 lbs) with the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm (62 inches); for premium economy and economy class, each passenger may bring 2 pieces of free check-in baggage, each baggage max. 23 kg (50 lbs) with the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm (62 inches). The free baggage allowance for infant is one piece of free check-in baggage max. 10 kg (22 lbs) with the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (62 inches) and an additional foldable baby-car or stroller.

Excluding routes to/from Russia and Mid Asia, passengers (adults or children) holding international ticket for flights to/from Europe are entitled to the free baggage allowance as follows: three check-in pieces of baggage for business class; two check-in pieces of baggage for premium economy class; one check-in piece of baggage for economy class. The sum of the three dimensions of each item must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) and 23 kg (50 lbs). The free baggage allowance for infant is one piece of free check-in baggage max. 10 kg (22 lbs) with the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (62 inches) and an additional foldable baby-car or stroller.

Restricted articles to be carried as check-in or hand baggage

Passengers are not allowed to carry dangerous articles in check-in or hand baggage, such as inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, polymerizable, magnetic materials or any other item prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of countries to be flown from, to, stopover or over. Passengers on board are not allowed to carry arms, restricted sword and knife, sharp or lethal weapons.

Articles which cannot be packed in the check-in baggage

Passengers are not allowed to pack following items in the check-in baggage, namely confidential documents, out of print materials or manuscripts, travel documents, diplomatic bags, negotiable securities, currencies, money orders, valuables including but not limited to jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, sample, precious metals and articles thereof, electronic and digital product, raw accessories of camera, mobile telephone, personal stereo, regularly taken prescribed drug, fragile and perishable articles and other articles required special custody. The loss or damage of the above items carried by the passengers is only accepted as common check-in baggage by CSN.

Baggage packaging

The check-in baggage shall be packed correctly, well locked, tied up and be able to withstand reasonable pressure. CSN may refuse to accept baggage packed incorrectly as well as the liability to the damage of such baggage.

Security Inspection

Passengers and their baggage must be subject to the security inspection before boarding.

Flight Irregularity Services

If CSN’s flight is delayed or cancelled at origin airport due to CSN’s reasons such as aircraft maintenance, flight readjustment or aircrew, CSN should provide the passengers with services such as meal or accommodations. If CSN’s flight is delayed or cancelled due to non-CSN reasons such as force majeure, changes of weather, accidents, air transport control, etc., CSN should assist passengers in obtaining meals or accommodations at passengers’ own expenses.

Compensation for Injury or Death

The maximum limit of compensation made by CSN for each passenger in the event of accidental death or bodily injury shall be defined in accordance with the related laws and Conventions.

Passenger’s Voluntary Insurance

Passengers can purchase insurance voluntarily with an insurance company for accidental death or any unexpected bodily injury for ‘passenger air transportation’. The compensation from such insurance does not exempt or reduce the liability undertaken by CSN. Insurances purchased by passengers directly through CSN’s homepage got the same legal effect.

Code Shares scheduled flight

Code Shares refers to through arrangements one or many airline companies may use its or their own designator codes when another airline operates a flight. When taking CSN’s code shares scheduled flight, service for UM、free baggage allowance etc. will be implemented by the rule of operating carrier, passengers are advised to check these information on the operating carrier’s homepage or through CSN’s sales hotline.

Over- booking

According to the common practice of civil aviation industry, CSN may make suitable over-booking on some flights. Under particular circumstances, it may result in some passengers’ failure to travel on flights as arranged. When there is not enough space, CSN will seek for passengers voluntary to disembark and will help them check in on priority. For passengers who cannot travel due to over-booking, CSN will do its best to arrange them on the soonest available flight, and will give a certain amount of compensation.


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