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The name Penang comes from the nut palm areas scattered over this island in the past. Located on the northwest coast of the Malaysian peninsular, Penang is a key port for Malaysia and also a top island for leisure and vacations. Penang, known as 'The Pearl of the Orient', is one of the most picturesque and romantic eastern cities, where the blue sky and fine white sand create a leisurely atmosphere. You can visit numerous historical monuments and experience quaint cultural sights everywhere. As a bright and charming multicultural destination, Penang has a rich and diverse culture of traditions, beliefs, food and art through the merging of various ethnic groups from the early introduction of Indian civilization, to the colonial period of the Dutch, Portuguese and British.

Penang Hill

With an elevation of 821 meters, Penang Hill has a cool and pleasant climate. Penang Hill provides a panoramic view of Penang from its peak, and you can overlook the green Malaya. The lush Malay Peninsula is set against the endless blue sea, which is extremely beautiful and harmonious. A visit is imperative to truly understand the real charm of the Pearl of the Orient. At night, the lights from Penang and the ships off the coast are as bright as gems, which is enjoyable.

Address:Penang Hill, Air Itam, Perbadanan Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang, Jalan Stesen Bukit Bendera, Ayer Itam, 11500 Penang.

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si, built in 1893, is one of the important Buddhist temples in Malaysia. The temple has an area of 12 hectares and is built on the mountain with pines and cypresses scattered everywhere. There are hundreds of stone steps from the foot of the hill to the gate of Kek Lok Si; in the temple there is the main hall, the King's hall, the Hodo, the dining hall, the scripture library, the KSK, the bell tower, the lotus pond, the free life pond, and more. These buildings are scattered quaintly and the exquisite carvings around them are also magnificent.

Address:1 Tokong Kek Lok Si, 11500, George Town, Pulau Pinang.

St. George's Church

St. George's Church is a landmark building in Penang. Located on Arquhar Street to the east of Fort Cornwallis, it is the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia, with a history of over 200 years. The stately church's architecture is of symmetrical proportion and there are marble floors and a high pinnacle. It was made in 1818 by criminals under the order of the then British colonial government. There is a commemorative awning at its entrance to commemorate the scene when Wright arrived in Penang for the first time.

Address: 1 Jalan Lebuh Farguhar, 10200 Penang.

As a trading port with a long history, Penang is a favorite shopping place for tourists. Penang is a cosmopolitan metropolis, where numerous shops are located selling classical instruments and antique collectibles, affordable clothing, shoes, electronics and various lifestyle products.

Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall of 5 stories is the largest and trendiest shopping mall in Penang, with a large parking lot for 2500 cars. Queensbay Mall accommodates more than 500 shops, including popular clothing stores, jewelry stores, furniture stores, bookstores, supermarkets, restaurants, ice rinks, cinemas, etc., where you can find all you need while enjoying the lifestyle of Penang.

Address:100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Penang.

Ranked the second best street food in the world, Penang provides you with a variety of local cuisine. The open-air cooked food stalls are very popular in Penang. There are many food stalls in a large open space, where diners can sit down casually and then select their favorite food from the stalls, so they can enjoy a variety of different flavors at the same time.

Ais Kacang

It is a must to have some frozen treats in this hot climate of Southeast Asia. In addition to smoothies, red beans and a variety of accessories, the color of Ais Kacang is another attraction for tourists in Penang.

Recommended restaurant:Toh Soon Café

Address:140–184 Lebuh C.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice originated in Hainan, China, and was later introduced into Southeast Asia by the emigrants. It is also a well-known cuisine in Singapore and Malaysia. In Penang, you can enjoy the most authentic Wenchang Hainanese Chicken Rice in Malaysia. The slightly gelatinous texture between the skin and the meat provides diners with an endless aftertaste.

Recommended restaurant:Wen Chang Restaurant

Address:63 Cintra S.


There are six bus companies in Penang, each having a distinct and numbered route as well as a different bus color, so as to make it more convenient for passengers. In addition, all bus stations (on the island) are located near the ferry terminal. All the buses stop at Komtar first and then drive to different places of Penang. It is convenient for passengers to take buses if they know the location of the ferry terminal.


As most taxis are not equipped with a meter, it is recommended to tell the driver the destination and negotiate the price before getting in the taxi. It usually costs MYR 3–6 to get to nearby places in Penang.

CurrencyMalaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Power consumption:240 v/50 Hz

Telephone area code+604


With four seasons of mild wind and warm sunlight, Penang is an ideal choice for sightseeing almost all year around. The best time to visit Penang is from June to September each year. Although it is very hot in the day, the afternoon rain and the monsoon blowing in the evening will make you feel cooler and make it a good choice for sightseeing and shopping. The rainy season lasts from October to December every year. The annual average temperature of Penang is about 27℃ and its annual precipitation is about 2434 mm.


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