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Featured Dining

Enjoy both the finest East Asian cuisine and the best Western food while cruising at 10,000 meters. The authentic and distinctive Chinese meals and meticulously prepared Western meals mean that there will always be something to suit your taste waiting to surprise you.

Our Western main dishes are in step with international dining trends and the needs of high-end travelers, as well as meeting low-calorie health standards.
Our Chinese main dishes exemplify the distinctive flavors of Cantonese (Lingnan) cuisine.

Choose from cereals with milk or French-style fried eggs or spaghetti with chicken and tomato sauce.
A variety of pastries, rice congee, special side dishes, nutritious breads, and seasonal fruits.

You can enjoy both richly flavored Lingnan cuisine and pure, fresh Western food on the "road to Guangzhou."
Chaoshan beef meatballs in clear broth, Cantonese-style "kung fu" (pork, chicken, and mushroom) soup, roast goose, snacks, desserts, and other products allow you to sample the flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine; local ingredients carefully selected prior to departure and creative, healthy cooking methods also allow you to enjoy the gentle yet rich flavors of Western food while cruising at 10,000 meters, providing a treat for the taste buds for even the pickiest traveler.

First and business class travelers departing from Guangzhou can enjoy China Southern Airlines' most celebrated dishes—China Southern Airlines' beef "big bowl" noodles—as well as exquisite and delicious Cantonese hotpot rice and Guangdong-style rice noodles.

Our two main in-flight service brands—the "In-flight Cellar" and the "In-flight Tea Garden"—not only let you sample the finest alcoholic beverages, but also give you the chance to personally experience China's traditional tea culture.

In the CSA “Air Cellar”, we have collected dozens of good wine from well-known wineries in France, the United States, Australia, Chile and other countries, as well as world-renowned brands of brandy, whiskey, liqueurs and other wine. The certified wine sommeliers are at your service, so that you can experience the authentic wine culture in a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

China Southern Airlines' In-Flight Tea Garden demonstrates China's traditional tea culture and tea ceremonies for travelers. The high-end tea offered by this century old teahouse and the specially trained staff bring the best out in each other. You can taste the very essence of the most fragrant teas on your journey.


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