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Duty Free

China Southern Airlines provides high-quality service of duty-free purchase for passengers of international flights. Most of the In-flight duty-free goods are well-known international brands, with a large range of varieties, fine quality and competitive prices. They include perfume, skin-care products, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, cigarettes, wine, leather goods, popular digital products, chocolate candies, children's toys, ethnic products, and so on.

When taking a China Southern Airlines international flight, you can purchase in-flight duty-free goods and receive them on the plane.

Ways to order

China Southern Airlines provides four different ways for passengers to order on-board duty-free items: online, over the phone, on the aircraft, and via WeChat. Our ordering service is designed to provide an easy and convenient way for you to purchase duty-free products. It doesn't matter whether you’re at home or work, our duty-free products can be ordered up to 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. The items you order will then be delivered to you on board your flight by one of our flight attendants.

  • Online orders: Please visit ouronline duty-free store to place an order.
  • Telephone orders: Please call +86 13826042346 between 08:00 and 21:30
  • In-flight orders: Please complete the order form found inside the on-board In-flight Duty-Free Shopping Catalog to order items for collection on your return or next flight.
  • WeChat orders: Follow the China Southern Airlines official in-flight duty-free shopping account to place an order.

For more details on ordering, please refer to the 《CSAIR Guide for In-flight Duty-free Purchase》

Payment Terms

All products bought during a flight are to be paid in flight only. To facilitate your shopping, we accept a variety of major currencies and credit card payment. Each credit card can be used once only in each purchase and the expenditure limit of each person is from $ 15 to 400 in total.

Acceptable credit cards: MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International and VISA.

You can also order what you want in advance. Online payment is supported.

Online payment methods: WeChat, Alipay, and UnionPay online payment

After-Sales Service

In case of deficiencies or other quality problems with the products you bought on the flight, we provide you with replacement service. For any quality problem, you may, with your voucher of purchase, replace your products for another one of the same kind within 30 days since your purchase, but requests for refunding goods will not be accepted. All the requests for replacing goods require a complete set of packaging, accessories, gifts, manual, warranty, shopping vouchers, etc..

We do not accept products damaged by abuse, misuse, accident or modification. tobacco, alcohol, food, cosmetics and other products that directly related to human health, once opened or used, can not be replaced.

After-sales hotline: +86 13826042346

After-sales e-mail:

Appropriate Flight

  • China Regional/international flights departing from Guangzhou:
    • Southeast Asia Airline
      CZ3005/6 Bali、CZ3027/8 Dehli、CZ3033/4 Chiangmai、CZ3035/6 Bangkok、CZ3037/8 Jakarta、CZ3039/40 Singapore、CZ3047/8 Kuala Lumpur、CZ3053/4 Angkor Wat、CZ3055/6 Yangon、CZ3063/4 Angkor Wat、CZ3067/8 Katmandu、CZ3069/70 Ho Chi Minh City、CZ3077/8 Manila、CZ3081/2 Bangkok、CZ3083/4 Maldives、CZ3091/2 Manila、CZ3097/8 Taipei,China、CZ323/4 Phnom-penh、CZ349/50 Kuala Lumpur、CZ353/4 Singapore、CZ357/8 Bangkok、CZ359/60 Dehli、CZ361/2 Bangkok、CZ363/4 Bangkok、CZ365/6 Kuala Lumpur、CZ367/8 Ho Chi Minh City、CZ371/2 Hanoi、CZ373/4 Ho Chi Minh City、CZ383/4 Dubai、CZ387/8 Jakarta、CZ391/2 Dacca、CZ395/6 Penang、CZ6049/50 Nha Trang、CZ6053/4 Phuket、CZ6057/8 Phuket、CZ6059/60 Phnom-penh、CZ6089/90 Ho Chi Minh City、CZ8317/8 Da Nang、CZ8327/8 Chiangmai、CZ8347/8 Phu Quoc Island、CZ8693/4 Sabah
    • Europe and America Airline
      CZ303/4 London、CZ307/8 Amsterdam、CZ311/2 Toronto、CZ327/8 Los Angele、CZ329/30 Vancouver、CZ331/2 Frankfurt、CZ347/8 Paris、CZ355/6 Moscow、CZ399/300 New York、CZ621/2 Los Angele、CZ633/4 Nairobi、CZ645/6 Rome、CZ655/6 Moscow、CZ657/8 San Francisco、CZ659/60 San Francisco、CZ699/600 New York
    • Japan Korea Airline
      CZ3031/2 Pusan、CZ3061/2 Seoul、CZ3085/6 Haneda、CZ333/4 Fukuoka、CZ337/8 Seoul、CZ339/40 Seoul、CZ379/80 Nagoya、CZ385/6 Haneda、CZ389/90 Osaka、CZ393/4 Osaka、CZ8393/4 Jeju
    • Australia and New Zealand Airline
      CZ301/2 Sydney、CZ305/6 Auckland、CZ319/20 Perth、CZ321/2 Melbourne、CZ325/6 Sydney、CZ335/6 Auckland、CZ343/4 Melbourne、CZ381/2 Brisbane、CZ617/8 Christchurch
  • China Regional/international flights departing from Shenyang:
    CZ3011/2 Taipei,China、CZ351/2 Singapore、CZ6037/8 Phuket、CZ611/2 Osaka、CZ627/8 Tokyo、CZ635/6 Hongkong,China、CZ665/6 Pusan、CZ671/2 Seoul、CZ681/2 Seoul、CZ693/4 Jeju、CZ697/8 Nagoya
  • China Regional/international flights departing from Urumqi:
    CZ6001/2 Moscow、CZ6003/4 Novosibirsk、CZ6005/6 Bishkek、CZ6007/8 Islamabad、CZ6011/2 Almaty、CZ6013/4 Astana、CZ6015/6 Ashgabat、CZ6017/8 Seoul、CZ6019/20 Dushanbe、CZ6023/4 Baku、CZ6025/6 Tehran、CZ6029/30 Tashkent、CZ6031/2 Khujand、CZ6033/4 Osh、CZ6035/6 Poole coevoet、CZ6039/40 Tbilisi、CZ6069/70 Dubai、CZ639/40 Taipei,China、CZ679/80 Istanbul
  • China Regional/international flights departing from Changchun:
    CZ3051/2 Taipei,China、CZ6075/6 Jeju、CZ623/4 Tokyo、CZ637/8 Seoul、CZ687/8 Seoul、CZ691/2 Nagoya、CZ8621/2 Vladivostok
  • China Regional/international flights departing from Harbin:
    CZ3009/10 Taipei,China、CZ6055/6 Cheongju、CZ6085/6 Tokyo、CZ615/6 Niigata、CZ631/2 Osaka、CZ683/4 Seoul、CZ8605/6 Vladivostok
  • China Regional/international flights departing from Dalian:
    CZ3013/4 Taipei,China、CZ613/4 Toyama、CZ619/20 Nagoya、CZ629/30 Tokyo、CZ641/2 Osaka、CZ675/6 Seoul、CZ685/6 Seoul、CZ695/6 Seoul、CZ8443/4 Cheongju

Note: subject to actual flights


  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • JCB Card