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Los Angeles

Located in the southwest of California along America's West Coast, it is the largest city in the western United States and the second-largest city in the country, after New York.Los Angeles is the nation's largest base for the petrochemistry, maritime, aerospace and electronics industries, the largest seaport, and one of the key centers for science and technology, with the title of "City of Science and Technology."In addition, Los Angeles has become a financial center for the country, second only to New York, and the world-famous Hollywood is also located here.


When cinematographers were trying to find a filming location, they discovered Hollywood.In the early 1900s, quite a few cinematographers were drawn to the town, which gradually developed into a center for films.Hollywood is not only the birthplace of global fashion, but also the heartland of the global music and film industries. It boasts the world's premier entertainment industry and luxury brands, leading and representing the highest level in global fashion.

Address:The northwestern outskirts of Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This building, which has a distinct deconstructivist architectural style, was completed on October 23, 2003. It was designed by Frank Gehry, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.Walt Disney Concert Hall is where the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra & Chorus is headquartered.The roof, which is covered with metal sheets, is a strong demonstration of Gehry's style, making the building an important landmark on South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.

Address:111 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012


Chinatown, or the Chinese quarter, is the name given to a region inhabited by Chinese people in an urban area of a country other than China.Chinatown came into being because, in the early days, Chinese people became ethnic minorities when they emigrated to other countries. Faced with a new environment, they chose to live in a close-knit community in order to pull together in times of trouble. As a result, most areas known as Chinatown bear witness to the history of Chinese people living overseas.

Address:In downtown Los Angeles, connected to El Pueblo de Los Angeles, to the north of Sunset Boulevard.

Los Angeles is a perfect shopping paradise, and shopping is a must if you travel there.The enormous shopping malls and department stores in Los Angeles are superb places to shop.There is a high chance of bumping into VIPs in Los Angeles. If you go shopping, the chances of encountering celebrities are even bigger.

Rodeo Drive

In a fabulous location, this is the most upmarket and exquisite street of fashion stores in Los Angeles, and a center for designs by the most popular world-famous international designers,including Armani, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Badgley Mischka.

Address: 421 Rodeo Dr, Penthouse 1 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Santa Monica Main Street

As a shopping street for top-of-the-range goods, it is much favored by high society. There are lots of high-end stores selling antiques and wood furniture, disco bars and boutiques full of character.Even window shopping is a treat when you can feast your eyes on stores like these.

Address:In the center of Santa Monica.

Sunset Boulevard

One hour's drive from downtown, this street is located in West Hollywood and is lined with stylish fashion stores, restaurants and cafes.If you are lucky, you might see quite a few Hollywood stars there.

Address:Near the exit of Sunset and Fairfax Avenue

It is said that new specialty restaurants open in Los Angeles every day, so you can savor dishes from around the world.Among them, American cuisine has a light taste, with meat, fish or chicken as the main course.There is usually only one main course in a meal, but you will never be without salad or coffee.Economical and affordable hot dogs and hamburgers are among the most popular fast food.


As it is a coastal city, Los Angeles is naturally abundant in marine resources, from fleshy fresh smoked snapper, oyster and lobster to a variety of seafood hors d'oeuvres, all treasures of the sea with natural and delicious flavors.

Recommended restaurant:Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (chain)

Address:301 Santa Monica


Hamburgers and hot dogs are staple Western snacks, and are among the most popular foods with Americans because they are so economical and affordable.A hamburger is made from delicious and juicy beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread, with ketchup, mustard, sausage and other ingredients added.It is nutritious, but has a high calorie content, of course.

Recommended restaurant: In-N-Out Burger

Address:9149 South Sepulveda Boulevard

Fillet steak

Beef steak is a classic dish in Western cuisine, combining quality ingredients and meticulous cooking. The raw steak comes from the best local free-range cattle, and is grilled, smoked or pan-fried with natural wood. The beef has an excellent texture with fat and lean meat in a good proportion, and a perfect soft, juicy and chewy taste.

Recommended restaurant:Claim Jumper Restaurant

Address:9429 Tampa Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 91324-2700


The MTA is the bus that links key locations in urban areas with those in suburban areas. It has become an important means of transport for citizens of Los Angeles, where traffic is heavy.The low cost of the MTA means that people can enjoy an inexpensive and interesting bus tour, provided that they keep the bus stops and routes in mind.MTA buses can be identified by their orange stripes on a white background. There are about 200 routes in total.The fare is $1.25 for all routes.


In Los Angeles, the cost of taking a taxi is higher than in other cities because of higher rates and larger urban areas.Hailing taxis on the street is not allowed.If you need a taxi, you have to call one from a hotel or restaurant, or get one from a taxi stand near a bus stop.Large pieces of luggage may incur additional charges.In addition, the total amount on the printed receipt will be calculated with a 10–15% tip included.


Los Angeles has three metro lines. The Red and Blue Lines run north to south between the downtown area and Hollywood and Long Beach.The Green Line runs east to west between downtown and Los Angeles Airport.The Red Line was the first metro in Los Angeles and measures about 6.5 km, from Union Station to Mid-Wilshire. It allows passengers to travel comfortably and safely for a fare of $1.25.The Blue Line is a small metro running on a narrow railway track, connecting the 7th St. Metro Center downtown with routes in downtown Long Beach. The whole journey takes one hour, passing through 22 stations, and costs $1.25.The Green Line runs from Los Angeles International Airport Beach to Norwalk, with each station connected to MTA routes. The fare is $1.25.

Currency:US dollar (USD)

Voltage:220 V/60 Hz

Telephone area code:+ 00-1-213


Los Angeles is in an area with a Mediterranean climate, with mild weather, plenty of sunshine all year round and little rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 379 mm, and the highest recorded temperature is 45℃.In Los Angeles, there is a huge gap between daytime and night-time temperatures. Rainfall occurs mostly in winter and spring. The coldest months are January and February, with an average temperature of 13.7℃.The wettest month is February.


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