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Shenzhen, also known as "Pengcheng,” is China’s first special economic zone.Here, it’s like spring all year round. Bordering Hong Kong, it has made a magnificent turnaround and, after 20 years of reform and opening up, has developed from being a small unknown fishing village into a modern international metropolis, with beautiful scenery, an excellent investment environment, and a prosperous economy.It shows us its vitality and hope from a new perspective.

Window of the World

Shenzhen Window of the World is one of the first national class 5A tourist attractions, summing up the essence of human civilization over thousands of years. It boasts more than 130 attractions including historical sites, natural landscapes, wonders of the world, houses, sculptures, etc., along with garden arts, folk customs, folk songs and dances, large-scale performances, and high-tech interactive entertainment projects.

Splendid China

Splendid China, also known as “Shenzhen Lilliput,” is a tourist attraction in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, located in Shenzhen Bay.It is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive site displaying miniature versions of famous Chinese tourist attractions.The 82 miniatures are positioned to replicate their geographical locations within China, and are built on a scale of 1:15The miniatures fall into three categories:ancient architecture, scenic landscapes, customs and daily life.There are more than 50,000 miniature ceramic figures placed in various locations, bringing the history, culture, and folk customs of China to life.

OCT East

Overseas Chinese Town East is China’s first large-scale comprehensive national ecological resort which combines leisure, tourism, outdoor sports, educational science activities, ecological exploration, and more. It is a combination of two theme parks, three scenic towns, four hotels, two 36-hole golf courses, Huaxing Temple, and Tianlu mansion.Here you will find:Knight Valley Ecological Park, Tea Valley Holiday Park, Interlaken Town, Seafield Town, Ancient Tea Town, Huaxing Temple, Interlaken Hotel, OCT Falls Hotel, OCT RV Hotel, Mahayana Boutique OCT Hotel, Wind Valley Golf Club and Public Course, and Tianlu mansion, all reflecting the harmony between man and nature.

Shenzhen is at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, and products ranging from high-end international brands to general public goods are well received by people of all ages. In addition, Shenzhen’s shopping malls have seen constant development and improvement in recent years with malls in several districts, so no matter where you go, you can find a commercial shopping center.

East Gate Trade Circle

The East Gate pedestrian shopping street has become representative of commerce in Shenzhen.As the saying goes:“He who has never been to East Gate Street cannot be said to have been to Shenzhen.”Recommended department stores include:Maoye Department Store, 1234 Mall, Matahari Department Store, etc., along with a large number of stores of all sizes located along the street. The long arcades constitute a shopping gallery, where you can find boutiques and specialty stores.This old street attracts many young people in Shenzhen, and is always busy and crowded with people from early morning until midnight.

Huaqiang North Commercial Area

Huaqiang North commercial area has a collection of department stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores, food stores, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, financial buildings, and dozens of other industries, and has become a commercial street with the most abundant merchandise in China.On Zhenxing Road you will mainly find clothing stores, and this street is home to the most outstanding flagship stores in women’s fashion in Shenzhen.Recommended Shopping:Department Stores Women products Bauhinia City Hall, Qunxing Plaza, Huaqiang North Maoye Department Store, Ka, the foreign trade markets;You will also find the Rainbow Department Store and duty-free shopping centers located at the edge of the circle, which are another popular shopping destination.

Shenzhen welcomes immigrants from all around the world, making it possible for you to sample the cuisine from almost anywhere.Hotels, restaurants, and snack bars of all kinds and to suit all budgets are available in Shenzhen.Due to its position in Guangdong, Cantonese cuisine is very popular in Shenzhen.Shenzhen is located near the ocean, and so it is a great place to try the seafood.You may as well do away with any thoughts of losing weight while you are here!

Roast Goose

Roast goose is a Guangdong specialty.The local plump grass geese are used, which take about 100 days to raise.The goose is roasted over a gentle fire with a variety of ingredients. The roasted goose is fragrant and golden in color with crispy skin, but is not greasy.

Recommended restaurant:Food Street, Bagua 1st Road.

Address:Bagua 1st Road, Futian District

Fresh Oysters

Fresh oysters are rich in protein, starch and other nutrients, and are known as the “milk of the sea.”They are very delicious whether used to accompany a meal, steamed, or fried.Oysters are Shenzhen’s most famous specialty, and are enjoyed by many people.

Recommended restaurant:Seafood Street

Address:Seafood Street, Leyuan Road, Luohu District. Reached by taking the bus to Luohu Traffic Police Brigade or taking the subway directly to Hubei station.


There are currently nearly 854 bus lines in Shenzhen. In contrast to other mainland cities, Shenzhen has three types of bus services, including trunk lines, branch lines, and express lines. The buses are different colors depending on which route they run on.


Shenzhen is the fifth city to have a subway system in mainland China, after Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.The lines currently operating are the Luobao line, Shekou line, Longgang line, Longhua line, and Huanzhong line.


There are two types of taxis in Shenzhen:red taxis run from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, and charge an additional deadhead fee at 30% of the mileage price for the part of a journey exceeding 25 km;green taxis can only service outside of the Special Economic Zone, which travelers need to pay attention to.

Currency: RMB (CNY)

Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code: +860755


Shenzhen has a subtropical climate with plenty of rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 1933.3 mm.Rain falls seasonally during the period from May to September, with less rainfall between October and April.Shenzhen has a long summer and short winter, with summer lasting for up to six months. However, the weather is not excessively hot and the highest temperatures reach around 35 ℃; the minimum temperature in winter is above 0 ℃, generally around 5-6 ℃.


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