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Boston is the capital and largest city of the state of Massachusetts in the United States and the largest city in the New England region.Located on the Atlantic coast, it was founded in 1630 and is one of the oldest and most culturally significant cities in the country.Boston is embraced on three sides by water, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and serving as an important harbor city.Stroll along the meandering Charles River and enjoy the picturesque scenery, while watching scattered white sails and playful ducks in the calm water.You can also enjoy Boston Harbor Cruises and sightseeing that offers a mixture historical and modern times and fascinating culture.

Harvard University

Harvard University, the oldest university in the United States, is a comprehensive institution of higher learning mainly engaged in scientific research as well as undergraduate and postgraduate education.Since the American Revolutionary War, many of the country's pioneers were Harvard graduates.Harvard University is known as the think tank of U.S. government.Its alumni include eight U.S. presidents, 40 Nobel laureates and 30 Pulitzer Prize winners.The Harvard Business School Case Method is widely known all over the world.Many elites who have created business miracles, such as Microsoft, IBM and Facebook, are graduates of the business school.

Address:Red Line subway to Harvard Square Station.

Boston Park

Boston Park is located in downtown Boston and covers 59 acres.The park and Boston Public Garden nearby constitute the core of Boston city, but Boston Park is also the starting point of the Freedom Trail and the oldest park in United States.

Address:Park Street Station and Boylston Station.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Museum of Fine Arts serves as the vital base of art museums in New England and even in the United States. Its address is 465 Huntington Avenue.It has extensive collections of archaeological and cultural artifacts from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as ancient artworks from East Asia and India.

Address: Museum of Fine Arts Station on Green Line E,or Ruggles Station on the Orange Line.

Newbury Street

Newbury Street, located in the Back Bay, is the most fashionable boutique shopping street in Boston. The street adjacent to Boston Park is connected to many main streets with a one-mile section lined by brilliant nineteenth-century buildings.Fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, galleries, cafés and even electronics stores are available here.

Address: Back Bay, Boston, MA, 02105.

Downtown Crossing

In the bustling center of Boston, Downtown Crossing is the most fascinating site.Several national department stores and boutiques stand here.Allen Edmonds specializes in high-end men's shoes.Brattle Book Shop, in existence since 1825, is a used book shop where you can find more than 250,000 items.Cake-ology is a small store specializing making a variety of tasty cupcakes.

Address:Located in the center of Boston, take the subway and get off at Downtown Crossing Station.

Coffee and restaurant chains (Friendship, Denny's, etc.) open 24/7 offer delicious and inexpensive food, including children's meals.Diners are particularly American and differ from coffee shops with their long counters where you can eat and drink.The best places for breakfast are restaurants and coffee shops where you can have eggs any time of day.With abundant seafood and fish from the Atlantic Ocean, visiting Boston is a real culinary treat.

Durgin-Park Restaurant

Durgin-Park Restaurant is an authentic "local" restaurant serving food from the colonial period, including Boston baked beans.Therefore, Boston is also affectionately known as "Beantown."New England dishes with a long history come with strong rural flavors. All customers dine on long shared tables.If you want to try Boston baked beans, Durgin-Park Restaurant is your best choice.

Address:340 N. Market Street

New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Boston's Chinatown offers the dishes catering to Asian tastes.The steamed jumbo shrimp cooked in wine and fresh garlic is the signature dish.

Address:5 Hudson Street


The Boston subway is the first underground rapid transit system in the United States.It is expanded to cover 65.5 miles, reaching Malden in the north, Braintree in the south and Newton in the west.


The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) offers bus service to all areas of the city for 75 cents to 3 dollars a ride.If you do not have a card, you must have exact change for buses.


Taxis, usually called "cabs," start the meter at 1.75 dollars and add 30 cents every 1/8 mile.One dollar is charged for each piece of luggage.


Boston has a continental climate. The adjacent Atlantic Ocean leads to rapid weather changes.Summer is hot and humid, and winter is cold, windy and snowy.The maximum temperature in summer is over 40℃, and the minimum in winter is -28℃.Annual average precipitation in is 108 mm.


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