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Chicago is located in the USA's Midwest, the heartland of the North American continent, and is the USA's third largest city after New York and Los Angeles.Chicago is one of America’s most important centers of finance, culture, manufacturing, futures, and commodities trading. It is also an important rail and aviation hub and has been rated as having the most balanced economic development in the country.

Willis Tower

Built in 1974, Willis Tower is one of Chicago’s office buildings. It is among the world's tallest buildings, and is currently the ninth highest skyscraper.The 103rd floor features an observatory, which you can reach in less than one minute by taking the express elevator.

Address:Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Grant Park

The park is noted for its famous sculptures and is a favorite with the locals.The park is most renowned for containing the world's largest illuminated fountain, called Buckingham Fountain.The central pool spans an area of 600 ft². Water spurts high into the sky every 20 minutes or so, forming a column of water which is 15 m high. The spectacle is particularly magnificent at night time, set against the background of a myriad of lights. In summer, large concerts are often held in the park.

Address:Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate has become one of Chicago’s more recent landmarks.The main body of the sculpture is oval in shape. Seen from afar, the whole structure resembles a drop of mercury. Its surface is made of polished stainless steel, meaning it can reflect the surrounding scenery, and rendering any decorative patterns unnecessary. The "bean" takes on varying appearances at different times of the day and from different perspectives.

Address: Located in the Millennium Park in Chicago.

Chicago is said to be one of the US’s "shopping paradises." Michigan Avenue and State Avenue are the city’s main shopping areas, with a large number of retailers, specialty stores, and luxury stores.Here you’ll find everything you could hope for, from kids' apparel to home furnishings.

Oak Street

This is the shopping destination of choice for the rich and famous.This leafy street could be straight out of the TV series “Sex and the City.” The street is lined with designer stores and high-end boutiques, which sell collections designed by famous American and international designers.

Address:West of Michigan Avenue.

Chicago’s ethnic and cultural diversification is embodied in the local delicacies, from Mexican tacos to Michelin three-star French cuisine. You can find a wide range of restaurants throughout the mains areas and back streets. And of course, a visit to Chicago is not complete without sampling the most famous local foods¬—deep-dish pizza and hot dogs.

Gino's East

Gino's East is a Chicago-based restaurant chain. It is renowned for its Chicago-style pizza, as well as its interior walls, which are covered with graffiti where thousands of customers have etched their names into the wood and stucco walls.

Address:633 N Wells St.

MingHin Cuisine

This is the largest Cantonese restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown and serves tasty traditional Cantonese cuisine such as morning tea, barbecued meats, and seafood.Popular dishes include:Macau-style fried pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables with lotus root, black fungus and celery, eel cooked with string beans, eggplant casserole, and a variety of dishes cooked with fresh seafood.

Address:2168 S Archer Ave, Chicago.


The Metro began operating in 1892.Currently, the metro network consists of eight lines with a high capacity and covering a total length of 106.1 miles.The “L” is a major feature of Chicago, with the Loop which surrounds the city center.


All the buses are self-service, with no conductors and just one driver. Passengers who want to pay with cash must insert the exact amount into the on-board fare box, as no change is given.The front doors of all the buses are marked with "exact fare required, driver has no change" just to remind you of this fact.Alternatively, you can also choose to buy a bus pass.


When taking a taxi, passengers are charged $3.25 as a flag-down fare, $1.80 per km traveled, and $0.20 per 36 seconds as a waiting fee.In there is more than one passenger, there is an extra charge of $1.00 for the second passenger, and $0.50 for each additional passenger after that.


Chicago has four distinct seasons and moderate temperatures.The average maximum temperature in July, the hottest month of the year, is 29 °C, and the average minimum temperature is 17 °C.In January, the coldest month of the year, the average maximum temperature is 2 °C, and the average minimum temperature is -11 °C.Chicago has plenty of rainfall, with the average annual precipitation being 965 mm.Most of this rainfall occurs in the summer, usually in the form of thunderstorms or showers, rather than steady rains.There is least rain in the winter, however there are regular snowfalls.


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