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Shenzhen Transit Services

I. One-Ticket Service

i. Applicable flights and passengers

  • 1. The service Applicable only to the flights carried by China Southern Airlines, departing from China to Sydney, Melbourne, Moscow, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh, Osaka, Hanoi, Taipei, Phuket, Bangkok, Dubai, Bali,Jakarta, Yangon, Seoul, Tokyo and transiting in Shenzhen/ or departing from Sydney, Melbourne, Moscow, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh, Osaka, Hanoi,Taipei, Phuket, Bangkok, Dubai, Bali,Jakarta, Yangon, Seoul to China and transiting in Shenzhen. Other international flights are not applicable.
  • 2. For passengers boarding with a checked-through ticket, the interval between the inbound flight's scheduled arrival time and the continuing flight's scheduled departure time may not exceed 24 hours.

ii. Services provided

For passengers in who comply with the above conditions, a checked-through ticket service can be provided. This means that checked luggage will go directly to their destination without needing to be collected when transferring, and passengers are provided with a boarding pass for their connecting flight.

iii. Minimum connection times for boarding flights using the checked-through ticket service

Transfer Location Transfer Type Minimum Connection Time
Shenzhen Domestic to international 120 minutes
Shenzhen International to domestic 120 minutes
Shenzhen International to international 180 minutes

Note: If the connection time is shorter than those specified in this table, a checked-through ticket service cannot be guaranteed.

iv. Contact details

The telephone number for checked-through ticket inquiries is 0755-023453756. The email address is (an English service is available via email).

II. Transit Accommodation

i. Requirements

  • 1. Passengers flying with:
    China Southern Airlines flights,China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights,China Southern Airlines domestic code-sharing flights operated by Chongqing Airlines or Xiamen Airlines that connect with China Southern Airlines international flights or China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights.
  • 2. Connecting time:
    8-48hours(included) for international-to-international,international-to-domestic,domestic-to-international

ii. Standards

  • 1. VIP passengers, First/ Business Class passengers (on all segments, or the international segment only), and Sky Pearl Gold Card members are entitled to a Grade A partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines
  • 2. First/ Business Class passengers on the domestic segment of an international connecting flight, and Sky Pearl Gold Card members on domestic (international)-international (v.v.) connecting flights are entitled to a Grade B partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines
  • 3. Other transfer passengers who eligible for complimentary accommodation are entitled to a Grade C or D partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines.
  • 4. Mileage redemption tickets are regarded as normal tickets, which apply the above accommodation standards as per passenger category and class cabin. Airline staff and official tickets in any ticketing and reservation status are not eligible for free transit accommodation.

iii. Notes

1. Hotel reservation process

  • a. The sales unit needs to fill out the CSAIR Shenzhen Subsidiary Passenger Accommodation Application Form and send it via fax (the application form needs to be stamped with the sales unit's official seal) and email to CSAIR Shenzhen subsidiary ground service department to apply (the time limit is at least 2 days before the flight's scheduled departure). Fax: 0755-23453756. Email:
  • b. CSAIR ground service department will reply to the application within two hours of receiving it. If the sales unit fails to receive a reply within the time limit, or if it needs to change the accommodation period, please call 0755-23453756 to confirm.
  • c. In the case of ticket refunding, rescheduling, or changes to the number of the group for passengers that effects a change to the accommodation or number of people, the sales unit must inform the transit desk via "email + telephone".

2. Transit accommodation service process

  • a. Passengers need to go to China Southern Airlines Accomodation Counter (No. A12 Check-in Counter on the 4th floor of Bao An International Airport Terminal 3) after the arrival of the flight, and the counter will confirm the information about your stay and arrange for a free pickup.
  • b. International passengers must hold a valid stay permit.

*China Southern Airlines offers passengers who are qualified for free transit accommodation a free stay for one night (including a free breakfast) and transportation between the terminal and the hotel. Any costs for additional services need to be paid by passengers. For the length of stay, refer to the requirements of the hotel.

《CSAIR Shenzhen Subsidiary Passenger Accommodation Application Form》

Notice: As Shenzhen airport does not currently implement all visa exemption policies including 24-hour visa-free entry, all foreign nationals (excluding those from visa-exempt countries) must apply for a Chinese visa in advance if their flight transits in Shenzhen according to the Sixth Freedom Right, or if they enter China via a visa-free airport but their journey contains a domestic trip to Shenzhen.


  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • JCB Card