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Airport information

Beijing Capital International Airport


Terminal Building 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport is located in Shunyi District, northeast of Beijing, at a distance of 25.35 km from the downtown area as the crow flies.

Check-in counter

Domestic: Island F-H

International: Island C

Check-in time

The check-in counter is closed 45 minutes before flight departure


Beijing Capital International Airport is connected with 13 city bus routes and 7 inter-province bus routes. Tickets are sold at the bus ticket office outside Gate 11 (level 1).


  • The 13 city bus routes are: Fangzhuang Line, Beijing South Railway Station Line, Beijing Railway Station Line, Gongzhufen Line, Zhongguancun Line, Shangdi Line, Olympic Village Line, Beijing West Railway Station Line, Huilongguan Line, Tongzhou Line, Wangfujing-Jinbao Street Line, Shijingshan Line, Yanjiao Line, and Changping Line.
  • The 7 inter-province routes are: Tianjin Line, Qinhuangdao Line, Langfang Line, Baoding Line, Tangshan Line, Cangzhou Line, and Chifeng Line.


  • City Airport Bus: A differential pricing method based on bus stops is adopted, with three levels: RMB 20, RMB 25, and RMB 30; the specific fare for each line and each stop is subject to the announcement of the airport bus ticket booth.
  • Inter-province Airport Bus:
    • Beijing-Tianjin: RMB 82/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Qinhuangdao: RMB 140/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Langfang: RMB 60/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Baoding: RMB 100/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Tangshan: RMB 100/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Zhangzhou: RMB 100/ person (one way)
    • Beijing-Chifeng: RMB 150/ person (one way)

[Departure Time] The departure interval of city bus lines: for Shangdi Line, Olympic Village Line, Huilongguan Line, Wangfujing-Jinbao Street Line and Changping Line, no more than 60 minutes (depart once seats are all occupied); Yanjiao Line, no more than 40 minutes (depart once seats are all occupied); the rest lines, no more than 30 minutes (depart once seats are all occupied).

City Airport Bus Service Hotline: 010-64573891 / 64594376 / 64594375

Inter-province Airport Bus Service Hotline: 010-64558718


The taxi zone is located outside Gates 5 - 9 of the arrival hall on the first floor of the airport.


Operating time: T2: 06:35-23:10; Dongzhimen: 06:00-22:30

Location: Level B2, Parking Garage Nº2, Terminal 2

Fare: RMB 25/ person (one way)

Departure interval: 10 minutes

Transfer stations: You can transfer to Line 10 at Sanyuanqiao Station, Line 2 and Line 13 at Dongzhimen Station.

Tips: The Airport Metro Line has 4 stations, they are: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao, Terminal 3 and Terminal 2.


The airport is connected with the Jingcheng Expressway, Beijing Airport Expressway, Airport No. 2 Expressway and Airport South Line Expressway near the East 6th Ring Road of Beijing, making it easy to reach different locations in the downtown area. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive in the downtown area.

Terminal Building No. 2 is a building for comprehensive passenger services, and is connected with the transport hub. The building is designed with 3 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The main functions of each floor are:

  • 3rd Floor: Office area of domestic and international airlines, along with catering and shopping areas for passengers at the airport.
  • 2nd Floor:Domestic and international departures, security checks for passengers on domestic flights, and customs, inspection and quarantine, border control and security check for passengers on international flights. Also on this floor are lounges for both classes, and airport catering and resting areas.
  • 1st Floor: Domestic and international arrivals, as well as the luggage claim hall for both domestic and international passengers, customs inspection for international arrivals, cross-transit zone for domestic-domestic and domestic-international passengers, APM platform, domestic remote boarding lounge and VIP lounge.
  • Level B1: the apron level. Equipped with baggage conveyance area for domestic and international arrival, and baggage sorting area for domestic departure; hourly-charged lounge, dining area and staff canteen are set up outside the quarantine area.

Floor T2 is reserved for picking up passengers, with the exit for international arrivals on the right and the exit for domestic arrivals on the left. In addition, this floor is equipped with facilities and services such as a passenger changing room, ATM and hotel/restaurant information, providing passengers with more convenient and personal ground services.


  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • JCB Card