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As the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane is not only the country's largest seaport, but also a major commercial and industrial center. Located on both sides and downstream of the Brisbane River, central Brisbane is 25 kilometers away from the river mouth. The city connects to Ipswich in the west and extends to the coastland between Redcliffe and Redland in the east, covering an area of 2,494 square kilometers and having a population of about 1.12 million.

Brisbane City Hall

Built in 1930 with brown yellow sandstone and wood particular to Queensland, Brisbane's City Hall is the largest and most magnificent of all existing city halls in Australia and also a typical building of the neoclassical style. Being a precious historic asset, the Brisbane City Hall is known as the Million Pound Town Hall.

Address:Albert Street, City Center, Brisbane, Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef area in the world, the most attractive tourist resort in Queensland and also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It stretches 2,400 kilometers along the Queensland coastline. The Great Barrier Reef features 600 atolls and more than 300 kinds of live corals, forming a colorful and uniquely shaped natural artistic portrait.

Address:Located to the west of the Coral Sea in the South Pacific, the Great Barrier Reef starts from the Torres Strait in the north and reaches Fraser Island in the south.

Queensland Cultural Center

The Queensland Cultural Center is a comprehensive reflection of Australia's achievements in culture, art and other aspects. The Center includes Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery, the State Library and the Performing Arts Complex. Every weekend, Brisbane Cultural Center attracts a large number of people, and visitors are also influenced by its cultural environment.

Address: Located on the south bank of Brisbane River.

Paddington Circle

Paddington Circle is a shopping center with a typical colonial style, where specialty food from Australia is sold, as well as popular imported products, books, antiques and gifts.

Address:Paddington area located in the center of Brisbane, Australia.

Riverside Markets

In the Riverside Markets, artwork, pottery ware, clothes, wood carvings and other goods are sold at a total of nearly 120 stalls. The opening hours are limited; it opens only from 8:00 to 16:00 every Sunday. At other times, the gates are closed.

Address:Eagle Street, Brisbane, Australia.

Since Brisbane has many foreign immigrants, it is characterized by a diversified culture of different styles and types of food. Here, you can taste very authentic cuisines of different countries. Its main feature is the many kinds of meat. Thick beefsteak, roast meat and beer are very popular in Australia.


Since Brisbane is close to the ocean, seafood naturally became a staple ingredient of various dishes. All dishes are cooked to retain the freshness of seafood. Moreton Bay bugs are a typical seafood in Brisbane.

Recommended restaurant:Jellyfish Restaurant

Address:123 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland 3220 1112, Australia.


Wine from Brisbane is much clearer, more distinctive and more refreshing than wine from other locations. Wine from Brisbane has the flavor of grapes and many people enjoy it. The wine is expensive even in Brisbane, with a price of about AUD 100.


Brisbane has no subway. Here, people usually take the bus. Visitors can take city sightseeing buses to travel around the city.


The two major taxi companies in Brisbane are Yellow Cabs and Black & White Cabs. Taxis will stop as long as you wave your hand. Available taxis turn on the lights on the roof. You can pay taxi fares by cash or credit and debit card. Taking taxis in Brisbane is rather expensive. It costs about USD 50 to 60 from the airport to the downtown area and usually more than USD 100 to travel outside the urban area.

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz

Area code: +0061-7


Though located in a subtropical region, Brisbane is affected by a continental climate; therefore, it is dry and cool in summer, and temperate and dry in winter. From late spring to early autumn, thunderstorms often occur in the Brisbane area. Adverse weather conditions such as hailstones and hurricanes can also affect Brisbane. The highest recorded temperature is Brisbane's history was 43.2°C and the lowest temperature was 2.3°C. The average annual precipitation is about 962.6 mm.


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