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Nanning, located in the south of central Guangxi, is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage, originally called Yong Zhou. With advantageous natural conditions, the whole city of Nanning looks green, and remains green throughout the year. For a long time, Nanning has been famous for its city style – a green hill encircled by blue water with green trees everywhere. It is a very a livable city. Its diversified local customs and enriched folk activities make Nanning a city of vitality, with nicknames such as the Green City in China, Yong City, Phoenix City and Five Elephants City.

Qingxiu Mountain

The scenic Qingxiu Mountain is composed of 18 ridges of different sizes including the Qingshan Ridge and Phoenix Ridge Ridge, with an altitude of 82–189 meters. The original Qingxiu Mountain monuments such as Dong Quan, Xie Qingyan rock carvings and Shixiangzao have been protected and restored, and many new scenic spots have also been built. The lofty tower on top of Qingxiu Mountain is called the dragon-like tower, and is a symbol of Qingxiu Mountain. Built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, it is the highest tower in Guangxi. Once at the top the tower, one can enjoy the scenery even ten to twenty miles away, with a clear view of the whole of Nanning city. There are many relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as celebrity inscriptions in Qingxiu Mountain, making it a good place for tourist sightseeing and antique seeking.

Address:Yongjiang River, approximately 9 km southeast of Nanning urban district.

Kowloon Falls

Kowloon Waterfall Forest Park spreads over about 2.5 square kilometers. The legend goes that the fairy dragon won a great victory over an evil bronze drum, and has guarded this area of water from then on, protecting the people living on both sides of Kowloon River. The unique natural geological structure and long-term water erosion has formed lower and upper falls, with different widths and shapes, some 20 meters wide, with drops of more than 30 meters. Naturally, some walking is necessary to see the waterfall, but horses and cable cars are available. The waterfalls drop layer by layer, looking very atmospheric. You can take a boat to go to the upper levels, but an additional fee is needed.

Address:Big Forest Station in Long Linchang of Guoyou Town, Hengxian County, Nanning.

Spiritual water

Spiritual water is one of the China's three thermostatic spring lakes, known as 'Longjin Tubi'. There are nine springs, and the water is so clean that you can see the bottom all year round. The water quality and water level remains the same throughout the year. The water temperature is always around 23 degrees, cool in summer and warm in winter. The lake sides are covered with jagged rocks of unique shapes, and trees that provide pleasant shade. This is a favorite place for swimming and a summer resort. The wonder of the spiritual water is that it never dries up when there is great drought.

Address:South of Wuming county, Nanning.

A wide variety of souvenirs can be found in Nanning, with huge range of special local products. Downtown shopping is very convenient, with many commercial buildings and shopping centers. The most famous local handicrafts are Zhuang brocade, balls made of strips of silk. Native products mainly include longan, litchi, pineapple, mango, grapefruit and other fresh delicious fruit; in addition, gold and silver jewelry and leather products are also very good.

Night Market on Xiguan Road

Xiguan Road is the most popular open-air night market in Nanning. Opening from 18:00 every day, there are all kinds of commodities for sale – a variety of middle- and low-priced clothing, accessories, cosmetics and toy stalls. It is a lively place, full of vendors peddling and calling. It is a must to experience this once you are in Nanning.

Address:Xiguan Road, Nanning City. You can take the bus directly to the station of People's Xiguan Road.

Nanning food belongs to Cantonese style, with fresh, tender, tasty and smooth characteristics. There are many small and cheap dishes to choose from. 'To eat barbecued mutton is a must in Xinjiang, and to eat acid food in Nanning is a must' – this saying praises the pickled products of Nanning; 'Without having Mo Shang porridge in Yong Zhou, even the immortal would stamp his feet after leaving,' – this is said praise of its porridges.

Nanning acid food

In the Nanning dialect these are called 'sour wild'. The method of production is to use locally produced papaya, carrot, cucumber, lotus root, broccoli, pineapple and other seasonal fruits and vegetables, adding vinegar, pepper, sugar and salt. The taste is sour, sweet, fragrant and spicy, crisp and delicious – a mouthwatering appetizer.

Recommended restaurant:King of Acid Food (Qixing branch)

Address:Qixing Xinmin Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City (near Yongjia Shopping Plaza).

Old friends rice noodles

Old friends rice noodles are developed from the famous old friends snack, they are the flagship of Nanning snacks. They are spicy, with fragrant soup, an ideal appetizer that helps to fend off the cold. Prices are set at around five yuan, so they are attractive in price and quality. They are so spicy that people often sweat a lot when eating them, but they are delicious.

Recommended restaurant:Shu Style old friends rice noodles (Qixing Road)

Address:44 Qixing Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning (opposite First People's Hospital).

Rice starch rolls

Rice is ground into rice milk and spread evenly over a piece of hot white cloth, then placed on a tray and sprinkled with minced meat and chopped green onion. It is steamed and wrapped it into a pillow shape, then eaten with wampee sauce, sesame oil and other condiments. Very soft, smooth and refreshing.

Recommended restaurant:Liang Kee rice starch rolls

Address:Food Street, Zhongshan Road, Xingning District, Nanning City.


You must pay the driver on all buses in Nanning. The basic price is 1 RMB, and air-conditioned and double-decker buses cost 2 RMB. Bus operation time is 6:00–23:00.


City taxi fares start at 7 RMB day and night. From April 10, 2012, there is a 3 RMB Bunker Adjustment Surcharge which is charged when the drive goes further than 2 kilometers.

CurrencyRMB (CNY)

Power consumption:220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code+860771


Nanning has a humid subtropical monsoon climate, with abundant sunshine and rainfall. The highest recorded temperature is 40.4℃, and the lowest recorded temperature is -2.4℃. Average annual rainfall is 1304 mm.


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