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Delayed/ lost/ damaged baggage

Handling irregular baggage transportation

  • 1. In the event of delays, loss, or damage to baggage during transportation, China Southern Airlines or a China Southern Airlines agent will fill out a "Baggage Transportation Accident Record" with the traveler. The situation and its cause will be investigated as quickly as possible, and the results of the investigation passed on to the traveler and relevant departments. Compensation may be arranged at the point of origin, any stopover locations, or the point of destination, if necessary.
  • 2. In the event that the traveler's checked baggage is not able to arrive on the same flight as the traveler due to a problem on the part of China Southern Airlines (and therefore inconveniencing the traveler's travel plans), the traveler should be provided with compensation for necessary items.
  • 3. You can dial at the baggage hotline of China Southern Airlines 8620-86122921 to inquire baggage status and related records.

Baggage compensation(International flights)

Responsibilities of China Southern Airlines

  • 1. China Southern Airlines shall be liable for any delays, losses, or damage to checked baggage from the time the baggage is checked in to the time it is delivered to the traveler.
  • 2. China Southern Airlines shall not be liable in the event that it can prove that all necessary measures to prevent delays and losses were taken, or that it was not possible to take such measures.
  • 3. China Southern Airlines shall not be liable in the event that the damage to the checked baggage was entirely the result of force majeure, or a quality issue or defect of the baggage.
  • 4. China Southern Airlines shall not be liable in the event of injury to the traveler or baggage caused by items packed in the checked baggage. The traveler shall compensate China Southern Airlines for all losses and pay all resultant fees incurred as a result of items packed in checked baggage causing injury to others, damage to the belongings of others, or damage to the property of China Southern Airlines.
  • 5. In the event of loss of or damage to items that are not permitted to be packed in checked baggage, China Southern Airlines shall only be liable for compensation in accordance with general checked baggage.
  • 6. In the event of connecting transportation, China Southern Airlines shall only be liable for compensation for damage to baggage occurring on routes for which China Southern Airlines is the carrier.

Limits of Liability

  • 1. For flights that meet the conditions of the Montreal Convention, the limit of liability for each passenger’s checked baggage and non-checked baggage is 1288 SDR (Special Drawing Rights).
  • 2. For flights that comply with the standards of the Warsaw Convention, the limit of liability for baggage is 17 SDR per kilo. If the actual loss of the missing baggage is less than this standard, compensation shall be paid according to the actual loss. The limit of liability for non-checked baggage is 332 SDR.The value of the SDR is about $1.37, and the exchange rate is subject to fluctuation.
  • 3. If the weight of the checked baggage is not recorded on the passenger ticket, the amount of baggage used to calculate the compensation amount shall not be higher than the amount of free baggage enjoyed by the passenger's corresponding cabin class.

Time limits for claims and litigation

  • 1. Time limit for filing a grievance
    • a. Travelers should raise a claim with China Southern Airlines as soon as they discover that their checked baggage is missing. Claims must be raised no later than seven days from the date on which the baggage should have been received. In the event that baggage is delayed, a claim must be submitted no later than twenty-one working days from the day on which the baggage is delivered to the recipient.
    • b. All claims must be submitted in writing within the time limits specified above. If the claim is not submitted within these time limits, no claim may be submitted to China Southern Airlines.
  • 2. Claims and litigation must be submitted within two years from the date on which the plane arrives at its destination, or should have arrived at its destination, or the day on which the transport terminated.


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