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We provide over 600 hours of excellent entertainment programs on the newest aircrafts where advanced audio/video program selecting systems are installed and thus passengers can enjoy plenty of movies, TV programs and audio programs.

Latest films

Shock Wave 2

Director:Herman Yau
Actor:Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau
A bomb disposal officer becomes a suspect in a terrorist attack.

Soul Snatcher

Director:Haolin Song
Actor:Xian Li, Leon Chan
Fox spirit Bai gets a quest for immortality in human world where he befriends the innocent scholar Wang. They ally to fight mythic creatures and evil spirits on their journey. Yet, to finish Bai's quest, he must sacrifice Wang after all.

Spread Your Wings

Director:Nicolas Vanier
Actor:Jean-Paul Rouve, Mélanie Doutey
Based on the real story of Christian, a specialist on wild goose migrations, and the adventure he and his son embarked.

Days of Being Wild

Director:Kar-Wai Wong
Actor:Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung
Set in the early 1960s, the film tells the story of the inner world and emotional entanglements of a lonely and rebellious man, truly reproducing the living environment and social conditions of ordinary young people in Hong Kong.

The Old Man and Two Mountains

Director:Zhihong Chen
Actor:Xin Li, Zhankun Zhang
Adapted from a classic Chinese folk tale, the film tells the story of "Yugong Removing the Mountains" through the perspective of a young man.

Spring Tide

Director:Lina Yang
Actor:Lei Hao, Elaine Jin
Journalist Guo lives together with her mother and daughter in the same residence. The relation of three generations looks placid but there is actually a fierce undercurrent of rebellion and resistance.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Director:Alexandre de La Patellière
Actor:Fabrice Luchini, Patrick Bruel
Two friends make up for lost time after a huge misunderstanding.


Director:Larry Yang
Actor:Hewei Yu, William Chan
Star-studded holiday ensemble comedy about pets and their owners lives.

Bath Buddy

Director:Xiaoxing Yi
Actor:Yuchang Peng, Shan Qiao
Happy stories happened in "brother bathhouse".

The 47 Ronin in Debt

Director:Yoshihiro Nakamura
Actor:Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, Takashi Okamura
The 47 Ronin in Debt retells the famous story of the 47 ronin's valiant efforts for revenge, which requires a lot of planning - and a lot of money!


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