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Located in South Asia, the Maldives is a typical island nation in the Indian Ocean. This island country is composed of more than 1,200 small coral islands, of which 202 islands are inhabited. 675 km to the northeast is Sri Lanka and 113 km to the north is the Minicoy Island of India. Covering an area of 300 square kilometers, the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. The Equatorial Channel and the Huvadhu Kandu in the south are the vital marine traffic lines. Although the small Muslim country has only been established for a short period, there are many festivals in the Maldives. Maldives is honored as the 'necklace dripped on the world by God' and the 'last paradise on the earth in the Indian Ocean'.

The Paradise Island

This island is a very famous resort in the Maldives and is listed as Level 6 according to the grading system for islands. Its total length is 931 meters and the width is 250 meters, so it takes less than one hour to walk around. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, the Paradise Island is a good place to enjoy splendid sunbathing and the various rare magical benthos and coral.

Address:Located in the northern atoll, it is about 9.6 km away from the capital, Male, and Male International Airport.

Sun Island

As the largest leisure resort in Maldives, it takes four hours by boat to get to Male. This island is said to have a history of millions of years. On this island, the flowers blossom in all four seasons, with birds chirping and tropical plants flourishing. The guestrooms of the hotels are scattered in the original jungle. During Christmas and New Year, the accommodation prices can be up to $500 per night.

Address:Located in the Arie atoll archipelago in the south of the Maldives.

Olhuveli Island

This island is the 2001, 2002 and 2006 'Best Waterfront Award' winner, with up to two kilometers of beautiful white beaches, and modern and comfortable facilities. It is located in the south of the Male atoll, 34 km away from the airport island. It takes just 45 minutes from Male International Airport by high-speed boat to the Olhuveli Beach Hotel. The boat is available day and night.

Address: Located in the south of the Male atoll, Maldives.

The Maldives mainly exports local products, such as shell products, mats made of reeds and painted wooden boxes; the export of any kind of coral is prohibited and visitors cannot even pick up shells, so these have to be bought in the recognized local stores.Male Shopping Times:8:30 AM–11:00 PM; Saturday to Thursday: 1:30 AM–11:00 PM; On Fridays, the stores on the island close several times a day according to prayer times.

Male Fish Market

Every evening, the fishermen will take the whole day's harvest to sell in the market. Tuna is the main fish sold. The Maldives is rich in seafood, which is evident from the buckets of tuna in Male fish market.

Address:Opposite to the Male Dock, Maldives

Local market

This market is covered with clusters of bright yellow bananas. It is a favorite of local people and foreigners because cheap and fresh local fruits and vegetables are available here.

Address:In the north of Male, Maldives.

Duty-free shops

In the exclusive stores selling various international brands, well-known products are sold at competitive prices. These branded products include souvenirs, perfume, electronic products, fashion accessories, jewelry, wines, tobacco and candy.

Address:Located in the departure hall of Male Airport, Maldives.

The Maldivians like to eat meat, fish and vegetables with strongly flavored condiments; they also love starchy foods such as rice, sweet potatoes and taro. Throughout the year, there is a continuous supply of vegetables and tropical fruits including breadfruits, coconuts and pineapples. Fried fish, curry fish and fish soup can be cooked easily, so the Maldivians have fish for almost every meal.

Dhufaa Echetai

In the Maldives, these are the most popular chewing snacks, made of the areca nut, areca leaves, cloves, cranberries, tobacco and other raw materials. It is a daily snack after a meal for the Islanders.

Sweet Dodi

This is the most famous kind of beverage in the Maldives. It is made by squeezing juice from the palm tree trunk. In addition, hot tea of the local flavor and delicious pastries are available in the streets and lanes.

Tropical fruits

In the Maldives, people can buy a variety of tropical fruits at very affordable prices, including breadfruit, coconut and pineapple, which are fresh and delicious.

Coffee Garudhiya

As the most historic cuisine in Maldives, it is cooked using steamed banana and potato or cakes as the major ingredients, and combined with onion, coconut and lemon juice, plus a refreshing fillet soup, forming a hearty gourmet cuisine. It is often present in the buffet.

Air travel

Male is one of the smallest capitals in the world and is too small to have its own airport. The airport in the Maldives is built on the Rich Cherry Island next to Male. It just takes five minutes' walk to sight the dock from the airport. In addition, the Dhoni boats, yachts and seaplanes are the main means of transport connecting the airport with each resort hotel.


The taxis in Male seldom stop to carry passengers. And you will find that an empty taxi is rarely seen in Male. If you want to take a taxi, you have to call for a car and inform the operator where you are going from and to. The starting price is RF15. If you take a taxi in the night or with luggage, you have to pay another RF5. RF20 is usually enough for you to get anywhere in Male. However, there is little need to take a taxi in Male, a small place with an area of 2.5 square kilometers and less than five main streets. The attractions, shops and restaurants are all accessible by foot.

Currency:Rufiyaa (RF)

Power consumption: 230V/50 Hz

Telephone area code:+00960


Located on the equator, the Maldives has a tropical and oceanic climate and is affected by the monsoon, which makes it warm and very humid. There is no big difference in temperature between the day and night, and the Maldives is suitable for sightseeing all year round. The annual average temperature is 26–30℃ in the Maldives. The monthly precipitation varies dramatically, but the annual precipitation is about 2,143 mm. In the Maldives, it's dry from January to April and especially in February; however, May and October are the months with the largest monthly average precipitation. The wet season is from May to September, during which time stormy seas and fierce gales can be frequently experienced. From December to April, the northeast monsoon can be expected. At this point, the sky is clear with less humidity in the air. It rarely rains.


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