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Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is also known as 'Spring City' and is one of the top historical and cultural cities in China. Moreover, it is the center of Yunnan province in politics, economy, culture, science and technology, as well as transportation, and is the central city of the western region with its advanced development of tourism and trade. Thanks to the beautiful natural scenery, splendid historical relics and glamorous ethnic customs, Kunming enters the national top ten tourist cities and is China's first outstanding tourist city.


Dianchi Lake, known as the pearl of the plateau, is the largest freshwater lake in southwest Yunnan Province. Its outline looks like a new crescent moon with an unusually large area of water in the plateau. A panoramic view of Dianchi Lake can be gained by looking down from Dragon Gate. Visitors can also appreciate the splendid scenery of Dianchi Lake by boat with attractions such as Xishan Forest Park, Guanyin Mountain, Grand View Pavilion, Haigeng Park and Yunnan Nationalities Village along the lake.

Address:1318 Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City.

Stone Forest

It contains the paleophytic karst landform stone forests with the longest evolving history of karst formations and the largest distribution area in the world. Its intact and unique form gives it the reputation of 'World Wonder'. The world's most unique karst landform can be seen here. The area was a stretch of water 300 million years ago and finally became an extremely valuable geological relic through long-time geological evolution. Many unique stones stand upright with various shapes. The whole stone forest is a large treasure-house exhibiting the natural rockscape, which is very pleasant.

Address:Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City.

Jiu Xiang

Jiu Xiang was the filming place for several films including 'Myth' and 'Little Big Soldier'. The main attractions include Cry Gap, Gap emerald shade, bat caves, Wolong hole and the mighty hall. This scenic spot, with its natural scenic cave landscapes and display of cultural and national customs, has a colonial cave system including hundreds of large and small caves, which is the largest in scale, the highest in number and the most unique in cave scenery in China. The karst geological park is a distinctive international sightseeing spot with the reputation of 'Village of Caves'.

Address:Yi and Hui Ethnic Townships, Jiu Xiang County, Kunming City.

The handicrafts in Kunming are very famous, the most iconic being Kunming ivory carvings and Jianchuan wooden carvings. In addition, ethnic minority artwares such as Dai fabrics and Dai bamboo weaving are also good choices for tourist souvenirs, with distinctive features.

Nanping Street

Nanping Street is an old block in the history of Kunming City and also a long-standing commercial street. The central business district of Sanshi Street where Nanping Street lies meets people's needs in terms of clothing, electronic appliances, catering, entertainment, lodging and official business. It is a vivid reflection of local people's daily lives, showing local customs such as walking with birds, carrying water, photography, hawking and hopscotch.

Address:Nanping Pedestrian Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, west from Dongfeng Road through the tunnel intersection and east to Dongfeng Road.

The cuisine in Man Street in Kunming City is mouth-watering. Wild Mushroom Street in Guanshang Middle Road and North Gate Gourmet are recommended. Street rice noodles, Erkuai, thin soy flour and curd rice are delicious and cheap.

Cross-the-bridge Rice Noodle

You cannot miss tasting this when visiting Yunnan. Place slices of various meats, cucumber, vegetables, bean curd, eggs, pickles and other food types on your plate and heat them with the soup, then they are ready to eat. The soup is delicious and the rice noodles are soft and smooth.

Recommended restaurant:Pinrun Private Small-Pot Rice Noodles

Address:No.197 store, Nanyuan Community, Rixin Middle Road, Xishan District, Kunming City.

Yunnan-styled Steamed Chicken

This is a famous nourishing dish which is so-called as it is steamed with boilers, representing the traditional Yunnan cuisine. Because the soup is the condensation of steam, the fresh original taste and flavor of the chicken is preserved. The dish has the effect of tonifying deficiency, enriching the blood and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Recommended restaurant:Yikeren (Dongfeng West Road Restaurants)

Address:18-19 Jixiang Lane, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City.

Pea Flour

Pea Flour is boiled down from flour ground from peas with ingredients including ginger. The dish is smooth and spicy. Make sure you enjoy it right after it is cooked. A sip from the dish can be so tasty that you will not be able to resist another bowl.

Yanjing Baba

Yanjing Baba is very famous, and can be found in the street of Guandu Ancient Town with lots of people waiting in the queue. Some of them even squeeze in for it. Huma Baba, Peanut Baba and Bean Paste Baba are all sweet. People who love pasta and desserts will enjoy it.

Address:Near the entrance of Guandu Ancient Town, Guandu District, Kunming City.


Most of the buses in Kunming City are automated collection buses with a price of 1 or 2 yuan. Enter by the front door and exit from the rear door.


The taxi starting price is 8 yuan in Kunming City (within 3 km) plus a fuel charge of 2 yuan. The starting price after 10 pm is 9.8 yuan plus 1.8 yuan/km over 3 km.


Kunming's Subway Line 6 is now in use, reaching the eastern bus station and airport central station. The subways in these stations depart at the same time with a full fare of 5 yuan. The first train departs at 9:00 and the last train at 18:10.

CurrencyRMB (CNY)

Power consumption:220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code+860592


Kunming is like spring all year round so most of the year is suitable for traveling and tourism. The maximum temperature in Kunming is 31.5℃. The lowest temperature in record is -5.4℃. Most of rainfall occurs in May to October. Annual rainfall is about 1035 mm.


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