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Beijing Daxing Airport Free Transit Accommodation

I. Requirements

In case an international connecting flight is involved: This standard applies to passengers who have booked seats on domestic-international (v.v.) and international-international connecting flights of China Southern Airlines (including codeshare flights, excluding ground virtual flights) with a connecting time of no less than 8 hours and no more than 48 hours (including a China Southern Airlines domestic codeshare flight operated by Chongqing Airlines or XiamenAir connecting with a China Southern Airlines international flight)

II. Standards

  • 1. China Southern Airlines offers passengers who are qualified for free transit accommodation a free stay for one night (including a free breakfast) and transportation between the terminal and the hotel. For check-in and breakfast time, please refer to the requirements of the hotel.
  • 2. Generally, individual passengers will not be arranged to live in the same room. For group passengers (with seats booked in class cabin G), CSAir will arrange every two passengers to stay in one hotel room. In case the number of group passengers is singular, the last passenger can stay in a single room without paying extra fee. Where a group passenger requests to stay in a room alone, he/ she should negotiate with the hotel and pay the price difference at his/ her own expense.
  • 3. From January 1, 2020, the free accommodation service terms for domestic-domestic transit passengers will be abolished.

III. Notes

Passengers eligible for free transit accommodation may visit the transit counter of China Southern Airlines to choose a hotel, and the on-site staff will guide the passengers to the hotel.


  • 1. Where a passenger fails to take the flights in the order indicated on his/ her ticket, or the passenger abandons the travel due to his/ her own reasons, China Southern Airlines will not provide free transit accommodation (unless the passenger abandons the subsequent flight after hotel check-in).
  • 2. Passengers who have booked accommodation should complete hotel check-in procedures at the transit counter no later than 3 hours after the flight arrival, otherwise the booking will not be reserved. No matter a reservation is made or not, passengers can directly visit the transit counter for inquiries and hotel check-in.


  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • JCB Card