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Music & Games & Books

Music Space

Light music, folk, Chinese songs, EU and US classics, Asian classics, and classical music

Game Bar

  • Intelligence Development Games: 5D Flip the Boxes, Push the Boxes, Troublesome 12 Pieces, and Nine-square Grid
  • Chess and Card: Show Hand, Final Chess Phase, Chinese Checkers, International Chess, Gobang, Chinese Chess, Tichu, and Mahjong in the Air
  • Games: Space Ball Arrangement, Pool Zuma, Spot the Difference in Scenery Pictures, Escape from the Maze, Connect the Dots, and Snap

Blue Sky Bookstore

  • History: "The Distinguished Vision of Ye Jianying," "Six Words Worth Five Million Dollars," "Vision of Mother," "Why the US Attacks DPRK," and "Getting Rid of the 'Mystical Wind' Suicide of the Japanese Army"
  • Philosophy: "How to Understand Death without Knowing Living,""What is Ontology?,""Intuition of Philosophy," "Mystery of Dialectics," and "Material and Form"
  • Health Preserving: "Are White Clothes the Most Effective Prevention from Nuclear Radiation?,""Eight Fruits and Vegetables That Can Prevent Nuclear Radiation," "Spring Is the Best Time to Preserve Your Health," "Disinfect Your Cellphone," and"Health Preservation and Ginger Decoction"
  • Classic Chinese Studies: "On Shangjun's Theory: Powerful State and Disadvantageous People," "Historical Records Carved by Two Masters with Notes from the Song Dynasty," "Meanings of Characters, Lack of Strokes," "Identification of Cultural Relics," "Zhang Chunbo: The Flavor of Tea in Spring," and"Spring Tea"
  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: "Szeto Wang Ingeniously Makes Interlocking Stratagems," "Lvbu Helps Szeto Kill the Bully," "Ma Teng Rises in Revolt to Support the Loyal Family," "Liu Xuande Saves Kongrong in Beihai," and "Tao Gongzu Assigns Xuzhou Three Times"
  • A Dream of Red Mansions: "Widow Jin Insulted for Coveting Power," "Ning Mansion Rehearses the Family Feast for the Birthday of Jia Jing," "Wang Xifeng Maliciously Sets Up a Love Trap," "Qin Keqin Dies and Grants a Post of Loyal Household Troops," and "Lin Ruhai Dies in Yangzhou City"

China Southern Airlines Window

  • About Us: "The Updated Introduction to China Southern Airlines" (Chinese-English Version)
  • News: "News Releases on the Website (including Awards, Honors, and Other Achievements)"
  • Our Products & Services: "Australian Airlines," "Online Bank Payment Offers," "Fly with Us," "In-flight Duty-free," and "Travel for Experience"
  • The Sky Pearl Club: "Club Bulletin"


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