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Among the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the largest city, with the largest population. It has the world's first seven-star hotel, the world's largest shopping mall, and the world's largest indoor ski slope. Its abundant oil reserves and its key trading port status have brought vast wealth to Dubai, making it almost synonymous with luxury. How can we not buy famous brands or not go to the only ultra-luxury hotel once we are here?

Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai is a skyscraper in Dubai with 160 floors, 828 m high. A challenging single structure was used for the architectural design, composed of multi-connected tubular towers, and shaped with space-age style. On the base, a rich Islamic architecture geometric figure was adopted: the six-petal desert flower. The building is equipped with 56 elevators which move at up to 17.4 meters per second, plus a double-layer observation elevator, all capable of carrying up to 42 tourists.

Address:Al Mankhool Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Palm Island

Palm Island is composed of three projects: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, along with the World Island. Free landing, the entire island is built with top private houses and resort hotels. At a cost of US $14 billion, the Dubai Palm Island is known as the eighth Wonder of the World, and is the world's largest artificial island.

Address:Jumeirah Coastal area.

Dubai Heritage Museum

Dubai Heritage Museum is one of the few attractions that exhibits local historical heritage. Built in 1798, it is the oldest building in Dubai. Entering the museum is like entering a time tunnel. Its outdoor exhibition shows the housing traditions of ancient Arabs, including the earliest wind towers. The indoor exhibition is situated at the bottom of the castle. It is an antique bazaar, displaying the traditional Arab style, including bronze from ancient tombs with 3-4 thousand years of history.

Address: Grand Mosque, Al Fahidi St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City is on Dubai Creek shore, full of large retail businesses, but also well known as an entertainment center. There are 25 international brand flagship stores, over 100 restaurants, cafes and bars, and a large theater in the shopping mall. While shopping, you can also view the Dubai Creek and Burj Dubai through the glass.

Address:Located on the shores of Dubai Creek, Garhoud.

Ibn Battuta

This is a themed mall to commemorate the Arab traveler and explorer, Ibn Battuta. Its unique architectural style is one the reasons that make it famous. The mall is divided into six sections, respectively named after the six countries that Ibn Battuta has been to: Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. Each part of the building is built in the style of its name. The mall has four parts: Household conveniences, shopping mall, premium brands, and leisure and entertainment. UAE's first IMAX is in Ibn Battuta.

Address:Located behind the Dubai yacht harbor land.

UAE specialties include:Arabic chicken, Arab sweets, Arab roast beef, Arab roast sheepUAE caters to Arab tastes and is similar to western food, including appetizers, soup, salads, barbecue and dessert. There are many methods to cook beef and lamb. A crowd of people sit together to taste the barbecue, which creates a unique atmosphere.


It looks like a mixture of plaster and cement, with an oil-like substance in the middle, but the Arabians cannot eat without it. It is one of the side dishes, eaten together with Arab pie, vegetable balls, carrots and vegetables.

Recommended restaurant:Ewaan

Address:Old Town Downtown Dubai Emaar Boulevard.

Turkish kebab (Shawarma)

Called Turkish kebab in China, Kerab in Italy, Doner in Germany and Shawarma in the Middle East. Turkish kebab is convenient and affordable. Commonly found in all stores, generally at 3-5 Dirham.

Recommended restaurant:Persia

Address:Inside Wafi City Mall.


Cruise liners in Dubai have become a means of transportation attracting more and more tourists. Dubai Cruise Terminal is the world's first cruise terminal operated by the government tourism department. They offer a top-quality infrastructure, including currency exchange, ATMs, post office, duty-free shops, souvenirs, etc., as well as rest rooms and free internet bars.


Dubai buses are divided into ordinary urban buses, 24-hour loop line buses (beginning with C), suburban buses (beginning with X), night buses (beginning with N), buses connected to subway stations (beginning with F), and airport buses (401, 402). 2.3 dirhams are needed for a single fare on common buses. Suburban buses charge by distance, usually between 2-7 dirhams.


Dubai taxis are marked with an orange, yellow, green, blue or pink top, as they belong to different companies, but the prices are the same. Pink top taxis mostly serve women and families, thus the cost is a little higher. Taxi types are divided into:Ordinary four-seater cars and family vans. The starting price is 3 dirhams in the daytime, then 1.6 dirhams/km; the starting price is 3.5 dirhams at night, then 1.6 dirhams/km.

Currency: Dirham (AED) or U.S. dollars (USD)

Power consumption: 220 V/50 Hz

Area code: +00971-4


Dubai has an Indian climate, with winter occurring from November to March. This time is more suitable for travel, and the temperature is never lower than 7℃. Summer covers April to October, and is hot and wet, with temperatures of 45℃ and even 50℃ in July, and small sandstorms in some desert areas. December to February is the rainy season. Rain is very rare, and the average annual rainfall is about 88.6 mm.


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