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Located in the southernmost part of Hainan Island, Sanya is China's southernmost tropical seaside tourist city.Another name for Sanya is Lucheng. Also known as the "Oriental Hawaii," it has the most beautiful coastal scenery on Hainan Island.It borders Lingshui County to the east, Ledong County to the west, Baoting County to the north and the South China Sea to the south.It has 536,000 permanent residents of more than 20 nationalities, including Han, Miao, Li, and Hui.

Sanya’s attractions include Yalong Bay, End of the Earth, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Size Dongtian, Dadong Sea, Luhuitou Park, Sanya Bay, Luobi Cave and marine parks on West Islet and Wuzhizhou Islet.

Yalong Bay

Entrance tickets are required to visit the bay, priced at 40 Yuan a ticket.This is a reasonably priced attraction.Yalong Bay is located at the southernmost part of Hainan Island and is in the shape of a half-moon.It is extremely beautiful from the sky.The bay boasts clear blue skies and a great beach with soft white sand, just like that of the Maldives, and feels wonderful on bare feet.

Address:Yalong Bay Resort, Sanya Tourist District.

End of the Earth

This famous scenic spot is located in the western outskirts of Sanya. It spans a small area of barely 10 km², but attracts many visitors every day.The waters here are very clear, and the white sailboats scattered underneath the blue sky make for a charming scene.The climate is very comfortable and refreshing. There are lots of coconut trees and the beautiful vista looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Address:23 km southwest of Sanya.

Dadong Sea

A natural bathing beach.The crescent-shaped beach has clean, soft sand and the sea water increases in depth gradually. The beach is home to the Dadong Sea diving base and is one of China’s top 40 tourist attractions.Sunshine, sea, beaches, and trees create an idyllic setting.

Address:Dadong Sea Tourism Zone (between Yulin Gang and Luhuitou), Sanya.

Wuzhizhou Island

With beautiful scenery and facing Nanwan Monkey Island to the north, Wuzhizhou Island is a rare spot with a wealth of fresh water resources and vegetation, spanning just 1.48 km².Rare vegetation on the island largest and most widespread in distinct gradations and crystal clear waters contribute to a natural fishery and a tourist attraction of marine life.Wuzhizhou Island boasts the most abundant natural resources along the coast of Hainan Island.

Address:Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya.

The shopping centers in Sanya are mainly located in Dadong Sea and along Jiefang Road in the city.Famous shopping destinations include the Gn Pearl Store, Yanglan Crystal Handicraft Factory, Tiandu Nanhai Hawksbill Store, Guobin Shopping Mall, and the Ends of the Earth shopping street.

Pearl Square

This is large shopping center in Sanya with great facilities.The range of goods sold in Pearl Square includes everything you could ever wish for. In addition to the daily necessities, you can find gold, jewelry, high-end cosmetics, Hainan specialties, men’s and women’s clothing, medical products, computers, and other digital products. You will also find Film City, Snack City, Entertainment City, restaurants, and many other facilities, which offer visitors one-stop shopping and entertainment services.

Address:No. 668, 3rd Jiefang Road, Sanya.

Wanghao Supermarket

Wanghao Supermarket was formerly DC mall, and has now become a large shopping center.Wanghao Supermarket is spread over two floors. On the first floor you can buy coconut products which are typical of Hainan, and on the second floor, you will find a wide variety of general merchandise including fresh fruits and vegetables, livestock and fish products, preserved fruits, fruit cakes, stationery, sporting goods, and automotive supplies, as well as gold, jewelry, cosmetic products, photographic equipment, etc.

Address:Shengli Road, Sanya.

Summer Mall

Located in Ruihai Shopping Park near Dadong Sea in Sanya, Summer Mall spans a total area of 80,000 m², and offers shopping, leisure, dining, and entertainment facilities.The mall has been constructed in accordance with international high-end standards and creates a grand shopping environment through the use of light and color.Summer Mall specializes in high-end fashion and quality goods, including cosmetics, designer watches, craft gifts, men’s and women’s clothing, daily necessities, and more.Customers also can enjoy local snacks and Southeast Asian cuisines in the food court after shopping.

Address:No. 1, Haiyun Road, Dadong Sea, Sanya.

First Market

The First Market is the largest farmers’ market in Sanya. Many Hainan specialties, such as dried fish, dried squid, shellfish, shrimps, sea cucumbers, dried sea snake, shark’s fin, abalones, etc. can be found here, making it a great place for tourists to buy local specialties.Outside the First Market you will find stands selling large quantities of fruits, such as mango, jackfruit, coconut, dragon fruit, mangosteen and more, which you can choose and buy at good prices. If you need your purchases packaged, the store owners will generally help customers pack.

Address:First Market, 1st Jiefang Road, Sanya.

Sanya is located close to the world famous fishing grounds of the Beibu Gulf and South China Sea, and is the only one that has not been contaminated among all the coastal fisheries, so you must try the seafood in Sanya. Abalone, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins are Sanya’s “three treasures” with their high nutritional values.Crabs, blood cockles, oysters, and lobsters are also rare and delicious foods, along with the local fish and shrimps.

Hold Luo Powder

Hold Luo Powder is made with carefully selected high-quality rice, whose grains are white and fine.It is dried and mixed with beef jerky, peanuts, sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, pickled cabbage, bean sprouts, sesame oil or peanut oil, and a little chili or pepper, giving it a delicious flavor.It can also be used in soup with lean pork, liver, pig intestines, pig kidney, pig spleen, bamboo shoots, pickled cabbage, and more, and is delicious but not greasy.

Recommended restaurant:Ancient Hainan Xiaozheng • Authentic Hold Luo Powder

Address:No. 33, 34 (near the entrance to the First Market by the river), Hexi Road, Sanya

Coconut rice

Coconut rice is the staple food in Hainan. It is steamed slowly in a pot with special spices after being made with coconut on the outside and sticky rice inside. Most of the major hotels in Hainan serve this dessert. It is delicious and is one of Hainan’s traditional dishes.

Recommended restaurant:Liguo Restaurant

Address:Wenming Road (next to Government 2nd Office), Sanya

Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice includes salt rice, bean rice, meat rice, and so on, which is made with Shanlan fragrant rice as the raw ingredient.The bamboo rice served in hotels is made by baking it in an electric oven, and when it is served, it is cut into several small pieces and served in a dish.

Recommended restaurant:Li Miao Farmer’s House

Address:Betel River International Rural Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya

Dongshan Mutton

This is one of the four main specialties in Hainan.According to legend, Dongshan mutton is so delicious because the sheep has eaten the rare vegetation which grows on Dongshan Mountain, and as a result, the mutton is not greasy, has no muttony odor, and has nourishing properties to keep you beautiful and healthy. Its features are its thin skin, tender meat, no muttony odor, and moderate subcutaneous fat, and the creamy white soup tastes fresh and delicious with nourishing and youth retaining properties.

Recommended restaurant:Haiya Restaurant

Address:No. 138, Xinfeng Road, Sanya


There are more than a dozen bus lines in Sanya, operating between around 6:00 am and 11:00 pm.There are also lots of private mini-buses which run on set routes. Many of the hotels provide free sightseeing shuttles running to the downtown area and attractions which is very convenient for tourists.


Taxis in Sanya are mostly blue in color.The price starts at 8 Yuan for 2 km, and is 2 Yuan per km thereafter. 1 Yuan is charged per km if travelling over 10 km from the downtown area, and there is a 2 Yuan waiting charge which is added every five minutes.You can get to many of the downtown areas by taxi for 8 Yuan, but prices for getting to attractions which are further away should be discussed with the driver in advance.There are also yellow taxis, but these are limited to the urban areas.

Currency: RMB (CNY)

Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code: +860898

The best times to visit

Sanya has a tropical monsoon climate.The temperature is highest in June, with maximum temperatures of 34 °C,and lowest in January with minimum temperatures of 11 °C .The average annual rainfall is 1347.5 mm.


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