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Guangzhou Transit Services

Baggage Service for Connecting Flights


Domestic-international passengers with baggage who transfer in Guangzhou can apply for direct-to-destination baggage check-in at their place of departure. There is no need to check-in baggage again in Guangzhou (unless transferring to a foreign airline).


  • 1. According to China's relevant provisions, any inbound articles are subject to customs inspection.
  • 2. CSAIR now provides "through transport during the whole journey" for any and all inbound airlines. In other words, passengers handle the to-destination boarding pass and baggage check-in formalities at their place of departure and, upon arrival in Guangzhou, go to the transfer area designated by customs under the guidance of staff to wait for CSAIR's staff to handle the customs inspection concerning the checked luggage. Upon completion of the said inspection, they can leave for their next flight.
  • 3. International-domestic passengers who already have the boarding pass for the connecting flight and a baggage tag can enjoy a hands-free baggage transfer. Please contact the transit staff after going through immigration procedures to clear and confirm your baggage.

Free Accommodations for Transfer Passengers

Requirements(Applicable dates of ticketing: From January 26, 2020)

This standard applies to passengers who have booked seats on flights of China Southern Airlines (including codeshare flights, excluding ground virtual flights) connecting at the Guangzhou Hub with a connecting time of no less than 8 hours and no more than 48 hours, and meet one of the following two conditions (including a China Southern Airlines domestic codeshare flight operated by XiamenAir connecting with a China Southern Airlines international flight)

  • 1. For non-intercontinental connecting tickets, the cabins of an international segment should be: F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O;
  • 2. For intercontinental connecting tickets, the cabins of an intercontinental segment should be: F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O/ W/ S/ Y/ P/ B/ M/ h/ K/ U/ A/ L/ Q/ E/ G.

Note: Intercontinental routes refer to those travel between Asia and Europe/ Oceania/ America/ Africa.

Standards(Applicable dates of ticketing: From January 26, 2020)

  • 1. VIP passengers flying in an international cabin F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O, or Sky Pearl Gold Card members flying in an international cabin W/ S/ Y/ P/ B/ M/ H/ K/ U/ A/ L/ Q/ E/ G are entitled to a Grade A partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines.
  • 2. Passengers flying in a domestic cabin F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O on intercontinental routes, and Sky Pearl Silver Card members flying in a cabin W/ S/ Y/ P/ B/ M/ H/ K/ U/ A/ L/ Q/ E/ G are entitled to a Grade B partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines.
  • 3. Passengers flying in a cabin W/ S/ Y/ P/ B/ M/ H/ K/ U/ A/ L/ Q/ E/ G on intercontinental routes are entitled to a Grade C or D partnered hotel of China Southern Airlines
  • 4. Mileage redemption tickets are regarded as normal tickets, which apply the above accommodation standards as per passenger category and class cabin. Airline staff and official tickets in any ticketing and reservation status are not eligible for free transit accommodation.
  • 5. Where a passenger fails to take the flights in the order indicated on his/ her ticket, or the passenger abandons the travel due to his/ her own reasons, China Southern Airlines will not provide free transit accommodation.
  • 6. All group passengers who are eligible for free transit accommodation and fly in cabin G are only allowed to stay in double rooms.

Passengers transiting in Guangzhou may go through the check-in procedures at the counters of China Southern Airlines at Gate 50 on Level 1, Terminal 2 of Baiyun International Airport.


  • 1. Visit the website of China Southern Airlines (Home>Online Services>Transit Accommodation) to book a hotel by yourself. Availability will be reserved until three hours after the arrival of your flight. Grade A hotels offer a limited number of rooms. In order to ensure a smooth journey and avoid room unavailability, you are advised to book a hotel in advance.
  • 2. If you fail to book an accommodation,or the ticketing date of your transit in Guangzhou is before January 26, 2020,you may directly visit the transit accommodation counter for inquiries or application after your flight arrives in Guangzhou.
  • 3. Transfer check-in counter: Passengers who have booked a hotel for a transfer in Guangzhou need to go to the check-in counter at Gate 50 of Terminal 2 after the arrival of the flight, and the counter will confirm the information about your stay and arrange for a free pickup.
  • 4. International passengers must hold a valid stay permit.


China Southern Airlines offers passengers who are qualified for free transit accommodation a free stay for one night (including a free breakfast) and transportation between the terminal and the hotel. Any costs for additional services need to be paid by passengers. For the length of stay, refer to the requirements of the hotel.

Transit Lounge

The China Southern Airlines Transit Lounge at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Terminal 2 is under construction and will open soon. Thank you for your patience.

Flight Misconnection Guide

Ticket change

Please go to CSAIR's transfer counter for this service.

Catering services

If the connection time of the subsequent flight after the change exceeds 4 hours, free food will be provided during designated meal periods.

Lodging services

  • 1. If there is a missed connection due to CSAIR, and the connection time of the subsequent flight after flight change is 8 hours or more, free lodging services will be provided.
  • 2. International-international passengers need to apply for an entry permit and go through immigration before arranging the hotel lodging.

144-hour Visa-Free Transit Service

Citizens from 53 countries and regions of Europe, America, Oceania and Asia with valid certification for international travel, the Third-Country Visa and the interline ticket to the third country or region within 144 hours with settled date and seat can stay in Guangdong for 144 hours without Chinese Visa when entering China from Baiyun International Airport,Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport. The transit passengers must leave China from one of the 32 open ports in Guangdong province.

“Eligible foreign passengers with completed Immigration Card for Foreigners, valid certification for international travel, the Third-Country (region) Visa, ordered interline ticket within 144 hours and hotel booking order can go to the 24/144-hour waiting area at the arrivals border inspection” in China Immigration Inspection for application.

The policy applies to citizens from 53 countries

Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Monaco, Belarus, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, the UAE, and Qatar.

Transit passengers must dpart from one of the 32 open ports in guangdong province

  • Airport: Guangzhou(CAN), Shenzhen(SZX), Meixian(MXZ), Zhanjiang(ZHA), Shantou(SWA)
  • Railway Port: Guangzhou Tianhe Railway Port, Dongguan Railway Port, Foshan Railway Port, Zhaoqing Railway Port
  • Road Port: Shenzhen Shatoujiao Port, Shenzhen Wenjindu Port, Shenzhen Huanggang Port, Shenzhen Luohu Port, Shenzhen Bay Port, Shenzhen Futian Port, Zhuhai Gongbei Port, Zhuhai Henqin Port.
  • Sea Port: Guangzhou Sea Port, Nansha Sea Port, Lianhuashan Sea Port, Shekou Sea Port, Shenzhen Airport Support Sea Port,Jiuzhou Sea Port, Wanchai Sea Port, Wanshan Sea Port, Doumen Sea Port, Jiangmen Sea Port, Heshan Sea Port, Foshan Gaoming Sea Port, Rongqi Sea Port, Zhongshan Sea Port, Dongguan Humen Sea Port.

More information about the application for transit visa-free, please refer to the application result at the time of entry.

24-hour Stay Permit

Application Criteria

  • 1. Except passengers from the 53 countries who enjoy 144-hour visa-free transit, passengers from other countries will typically not be granted a temporary entry permit.
  • 2. It will take more than 8 hours to transfer, as determined by border inspection.

Gentle Reminder: Please consult China's exit and entry management department about the specific exit and entry policies.

Required materials

The boarding pass for the connecting flight, the hotel booking order, a filled-out foreigner exit/entry card (blue version)

Processing location

the 24/144-hour waiting area at the arrivals border inspection

Waiting and boarding

If you take a flight departing from Guangzhou, please wait at the designated boarding area in the departures hall on the third floor of T2 of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Boarding gates may be subject to change. Please confirm the designated boarding gate of your flight on the flight information screen and wait there 40 minutes prior to its departure time.


  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • JCB Card