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As the federal capital of Russia, Moscow is not only an ancient city well known around the world, but also an international metropolis. It was built in 1147, and has more than 800 years of history. Located in the central part of European Russia, across the Moscow River and the tributary of the Yauza River, Moscow has many scenic spots and historic sites, including the time-honored Kremlin. The City Planning of Moscow is beautiful, enjoying a reputation as Capital of the Forest.


Located in the center of Moscow, situated in the Borodin Horowitz hills where the Niegelinna River and the Moskva River converge. Founded in 1156, it was the palace of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Tsar before the 18th century. It consists of many palaces, bell towers, churches, gardens and multi-level towers. The casket of every Tsar before Peter the Great was placed in the Archangel church. The Tsar bell and cannon, weighing up to 250 tons, and the Great Bell Tower and diamond Evans Library are also found in the palace.

Address:The Moscow Kremlin, Moscow.

Red Square

The Red Square is a famous square in central Moscow, originally the place where important festivals and military parades were held back in the former Soviet Union. There is a National Museum of History to the north side, the Kremlin to the west, a department store to the east, and St Basil's Cathedral to the south. Lenin's mausoleum is located in the middle of the square, with its wall leaning upon the palace.

Address:Krasnaya ploshchad, Moscow.

Moscow subway

This may be the world's most beautiful subway. The stations are built with a gorgeous and elegant outlook, in different designs. Each station was designed by a renowned architect, with its own unique style, mostly using multicolored marble, granite, ceramics and mosaic glass to create embossing, sculptures and mural decorations. The lighting fittings are also very unusual, making the stations look like magnificent palaces, thus giving them the nickname of 'underground art galleries'.

In Moscow, caviar, locally produced brandy and champagne, fur, gold, vodka, amber, crystal, handmade wool and linen fabrics are worth a buy. In addition, ethnic souvenirs like Russian wooden dolls, and beautifully crafted tableware including cups, plates and spoons are also good choices.

Old Arbat Street

With 500 years of history, this is mainly a cultural and commercial street, with antique shops, old bookstores and jewelry stores. There are street artists, street musicians and many street vendors selling a variety of crafts. The price of souvenirs is slightly expensive. Taking the subway to Arbat Street station is convenient.

Address:Arbat Street, starting from the east of Arbat Square, 800 meters from the Kremlin walls.

New Arbat Commercial Street

A modernized street in Moscow, with high-rise buildings on both sides of the street, housing administrative offices, banks and large companies. On this street there are magnificent large stores, such as the Ireland department store and Moscow bookstore. Taking the subway to Arbat Street station is convenient.

Address:Moscow city center, close to the Moscow River.

Flea Market

Take the subway to Izmailovsky Park, turn left after exiting the station, then after a ten minute walk you will find the entrance to the market. A wide variety of goods can be found, including amber, beeswax, caviar, crystal, Red Army watches, binoculars, mink coats and even antique pistols, as well as other curiosities. Special attention should be paid, as hawkers in the flea market ask for much higher than the actual price.

Address:Izmaylovskiy prospekt, 57 Moskva, Russia.

Russians enjoy bread, milk, potatoes, beef, pork and vegetables as the main food. Rye bread, caviar, butter, yogurt, sour cucumber, salted fish and ham are also popular foods. Breakfast is usually ham or cheese sandwiches with tea, coffee or milk. Russians generally eat fish and meat together, with a garnish.


Caviar can be described as Russian boutique food. It is made from eggs, although strictly speaking, only the product made from sturgeon roe can be called caviar. It is available in gourmet shops. In many big hotel banquets, caviar will be placed in delicate crystal glass containers, with an attractive crystal clear appearance.

Recommended restaurant:Zolotoy Sazan

Address:Simferopolskoe Hwy, 41 Km, Moscow 142134, Russia.

Black bread

Black bread is highly nutritious, easy to digest, very good for the stomach, and especially suitable to eat with fish, meat and other meat dishes. This is because the yeast to ferment the black bread contains a variety of vitamins and enzymes. Black bread is Russians' main course on the table. It tastes a little sour and salty.

Butter chicken roll

This is a meatloaf is made out of a mixture of frozen butter and chicken. When it is heated, the butter melts slowly and infiltrates into the various parts of the chicken meatloaf. Authentic butter chicken rolls must control the amount of flour in its outer layer, thus baking is considered.

Recommended restaurant:Cafe Pushkin

Address:Tverskoy Blvd, 26А, Moscow, Russia.


The Moscow metro has 12 subway lines and is one of the world's deepest subways. Park Pobedy station is 84 meters underground. Moscow subway stations are famous for their distinctive art, murals, mosaics and decorative chandeliers.


Buses cover all the main streets of Moscow city, and even tram cars run simultaneously on many of the bus lines. The running time of buses and trams is usually from 5:30 to 1:00 the next day.


There are several taxi companies in Moscow; the most prominent is the New Yellow Taxi. Taxis are yellow Fords or Volgas, and have a starting price of 250 rubles. During holidays or when the subway stops running, taxi prices will generally be much more expensive. Passengers can ask the drivers to use the meter, or negotiate the price with the drivers.

Currency: Ruble (RUB)

Power consumption: 220 V/50 Hz

Area code: + 007-495


Moscow has a mild humid continental climate, thus extreme weather is very frequent. The long period of ice and snow begins in December, with heavy snowfall. Winter is long and gloomy, mostly with westerly, southwesterly and southerly winds. Temperatures soar in the summer, which is always rainy. The peak precipitation is in August and October, and April has the least precipitation. Average annual precipitation is 190-240 mm. After May, northwesterly and northerly winds become more frequent. May and September are the best tourist periods.


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