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Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia, and is Australia's fourth largest city.Located on the west coast of mainland Australia with a mild climate and unique views of the Swan River, Perth has become a very popular tourist destination.Perth offers a relaxed way of life and high quality of living, and annually features in the list of the world's best cities to live in.

Western Australia Museum

The museum is located in the city center, and was established in the Old Perth Gaol.Here you can see lots of geological fossils and indigenous arts and crafts, as well as a collection of European antique vehicles.The museum also houses the most significant meteorite collection in the southern hemisphere.

Address:Perth Cultural Centre / James St, Perth WA 6000

Kings Park

Located on Swan River The park spans 400 hectares of Mount Eliza.Shigeki park buildings, tall trees, very magnificent.Much of the park's design maintained the original flavor of the natural surroundings, enjoy sightseeing from the tram, camel rides around the park and lots of other attractions. There is something for everyone.

Address:Kings Park, Fraser Ave, West Perth Australia 6005

Cottesloe Beach

There are many famous beaches in Perth, with Cottesloe Beach being one of the most popular.There a big waves which are great for surfing.On hot summer afternoons, sit with friends on the beach, and enjoy the breezy, summer heat.

Address: Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011

There are many stores and shopping malls in Perth. Visitors from Asia enjoy shopping in Perth because the experience is very similar.Perth has two major shopping centers, namely Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall.Both shopping centers have very convenient transport links.In addition, the Forrest Street Mall is also a good place to shop.Pay a visit to these malls and you will find department stores, clothing stores, thrift stores, duty-free stores, and souvenir stores.Items frequently bought by visitors include aboriginal arts and crafts, wines from Swan Valley and the southwest regions, souvenirs, and sheepskin boots.

Floreat Forum Shop

The Floreat Forum Shop is located eight kilometers from Perth’s downtown waterfront and is a well-known shopping center. As well as department stores, you will find nearly 120 stores here, including a variety of high-end fashion stores, and stores selling jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

Address:1 Howtree Place, Floreat, WA

Perth’s cuisine is highly characteristic of Western Australia.The standard of the food and cooking is very high, prices are fair, and tasty cuisine can be found on almost every street in the city.The city offers a variety of options, you can go to a quaint old teahouse, a warm and cozy coffee shop, or a crowded, bustling pub.


Visit the harbor, which produces a wealth of natural marine resources.Here you can enjoy all kinds of inexpensive and delicious seafood dishes.

Recommended restaurant:Matilda Bay Seafood Restaurant

Address:3 Hackett Drive, Crawley, WA


Perth offers many great steak choices, all Australian beef.You will see lots of steakhouses, which demonstrates how popular steak is in Perth.

Recommended restaurant:Blarney Castle Irish Theatre Restaurant

Address:111 Newcastle Street, Perth


Perth major waterways point is Rick White Street Pier.The corner of Pier Street and St. George’s Terrace is just five minutes’ walk, or take the CAT bus.In addition, Fremantle Harbour is located 16 kilometers southwest of Perth. This is Western Australia's largest and busiest port and has a regular route to Singapore.Cruises arriving from Europe also dock here.


Bus Perth are basically two categories and from residential areas and the main bus and train stations, and the second class to go directly to Perth city center.Route operators longest 5:00 to 0: 00, 19: 00 former general every 4-15 minutes, then every 30 or 60 minutes intervals.Buses run less frequently on the weekends, especially on Sundays.On public holidays the timetables are usually the same as the Sunday timetable.CAT buses are the latest addition to Perth’s bus service.CAT buses from red CAT, blue CAT, CAT weekend composition, but different lines of three CAT bus services.CATs are a free service.


Taxis usually need to be booked in advance.Swan Taxis and Black and White Cabs are two of the main taxi operators in the city.The daytime fare starts at $3.90, while the evening fare starts at $5.70, and the journey is charged at $1.59 per kilometer thereafter.Between midnight and 5:00 am, and on certain holidays (i.e. Christmas and New Year's Eve), there is an additional fee. It can be difficult to get a taxi on Friday and Saturday nights.

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz

Telephone area code: +00618


Due to its Mediterranean climate, Perth is hot and dry in summer.The wettest month is June, with an average rainfall of 182.4 mm. It is a cold and wet month, with frequent storms.On the contrary, it is mild and rainy in winter. On sunny days, it is generally not too cold—just chilly early in the morning and in the evening. The daily temperature can reach 20 ℃.


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