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Vancouver is a coastal city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and is Canada's third-largest metropolitan city.South of Vancouver is Seattle, the largest city in the northwest of the United States.Shielded in the northeast by the Rocky Mountains, which traverse the North American continent, the city has a mild and humid climate and a pleasant atmosphere, which has helped to make it "the World's Most Livable City" for several years, as well as a famous tourist destination in Canada.With a well-developed filmmaking industry, Vancouver is also the third-largest center for film production after Los Angeles and New York, and has long enjoyed a reputation as the "Hollywood of the North."

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the world's largest city park and has its entrance on Georgia Street. It has little artificial scenery. Instead, it is renowned for its beautiful scenery of virgin forests mainly composed of redwood and other coniferous trees.In the park stand totem poles made by indigenous people. The excellent craftsmanship and strong cultural atmosphere mean that tourists often stop and take pictures of the poles.The waterfront trails around the park appeal to many people who like to go cycling, jogging, walking or roller skating there.

Address:Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

Canada Place

Known as the symbol of Canada, it was home to the Canada Pavilion used for Expo 86 in Vancouver.With five white sails made of glass fibers on top of the building, it is one of Vancouver's main landmarks, resembling Sydney Opera House and Denver International Airport in design.With glazed cladding over its entire facade, the building houses the east wing of the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Pan Pacific Hotel, the Vancouver World Trade Centre and the world's first permanent IMAX 3D theater.

Address:999 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4

Museum of Vancouver

It is the largest city museum in Canada, taking the shape of a UFO from outer space, and featuring a crab sculpture near the fountain at the museum entrance.The items on display in the museum include early Canadian artworks, historical artifacts of the indigenous people and photos and archaeological data from early towns.In evenings and at weekends, all kinds of events are hosted here, from lectures, seminars and concerts, to scientific, artistic and historical activities specially designed for children.

Address:1100 Chestnut Street Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9

Vancouver has lots to offer and boasts numerous stores with distinctive styles, rare antiques and precious artworks, and a wide range of other goods.All over the city there are shopping malls, department stores and well-known retailers where you can find world-class designer garments, accessories and leather goods.

Pacific Mall

This is a shopping mall where you can always shop till you drop and go home happy. With more than 200 stores, the whole shopping mall is divided into two main sections on three floors, joining with The Bay and covering a vast area.On each floor, there are signs to help you find the brands and stores you are looking for and address your various shopping needs.

Address:701 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8

Lonsdale Quay Market

This is a relatively well-known open-air bazaar in Vancouver, with a good number of stores and a wide variety of merchandise.No matter what you have in mind, you can always find a bargain at the market, from clothing, footwear and bags to artworks.

Address:123 Carrie Cates Court, Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 3K7

Vancouver is reputed to be a "City of Gourmets." Although it does not have its own local cuisine, the city has various ethnic delicacies that are brought to it by immigrants from around the world.Vancouver is a leading location for Chinese restaurants in North America, not only in terms of number, but also in terms of quality and refinement.Restaurants serving dishes from Japan, Korea and Vietnam, as well Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Cambodia, are also popular.


People in Vancouver are especially fond of salmon.In restaurants, a rich variety of dishes, usually served as main courses, are made with salmon.Cold dishes made with boiled whole fish and coated with aspic can make a decorative addition to a buffet.Grilled salmon can be served dipped in cream sauce.Salmon grilled on a wooden plank over a charcoal fire can be served with a hot sour berry jam.

Recommended restaurant:L'Abattoir Restaurant

Address:217 Carrall St

Fresh oysters

As a result of the excellent quality and icy nature of the local waters, there are more than 20 varieties of local fresh oysters, and each variety has an impeccable flavor.

Recommended restaurant:Teahouse in Stanley Park

Address:7501 Stanley Park


Taking a ferry is a good way to get to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and coastal British Columbia.You can also take a cruise to Alaska from Canada Place.


Nearly all the inner-city buses are trolley buses.Buses come every 10 minutes and run from the morning until midnight.There are no timetables at bus stops, but passengers can obtain the required information from the passenger service center or convenience stores.


Buses in Vancouver have no conductors. Changing between the bus and the subway is very convenient and only a transfer ticket is needed if the change is within the same area.Public transport is divided into three sections based on the distance. Each section has a different rate, and the rate for cross-city journeys is higher. The basic fare is 2.50 Canadian dollars for adults.


The Vancouver subway system currently has three lines: the Expo Line, the Millennium Line and the Canada Line.The system has 47 stations altogether, and is one of the world's longest driverless rapid transit systems.

Currency:Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Voltage:220 V/60 Hz

Telephone area code:+001 -604


Vancouver has a temperate marine climate, with mild temperatures and pleasant weather in all four seasons, which is ideal for tourism all year round.The grass is evergreen in the city and flowers bloom in all seasons. The temperature in summer is usually around 20℃, and in winter it is above 0℃.It seldom snows in winter, but it rains a lot in Vancouver, which is why the city is nicknamed "Raincouver."The average annual rainfall is about 1189 mm.


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