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China Southern B787

China Southern Airlines B787 aircrafts feature a classic three-cabin layout and a total of 228 seats, with 4 in first class, 24 in business class, and 200 in economy class. The seats in first and business class can all recline 180 degrees to lie flat, while all first-class seats feature an independent laptop power source, noise-canceling headphones, a satellite telephone, and a 17-inch LCD HDTV, allowing travelers to enjoy a world of their own that is spacious, private, and quiet. Economy class uses the same seats found in China Southern Airlines' A380 economy class, providing each passenger with an individual 9-inch TV for their personal use.

Larger storage space

The luggage compartments offer an excellent user experience. The luggage compartments are easy to open, load, and close, while also providing ample space to accommodate your full-size trolley case. The luggage compartments rise up once closed, leaving you with more headroom.

Extra-large, electronically controlled windows

The extra-large windows allow passengers in every seat to appreciate the amazing view outside. You can also switch the window between light and dark at the touch of a button, enabling you to continue enjoying the view outside even in fully dark mode.

Scene-variable lighting

Multicolor LED lighting brings the feeling of blue sky and natural light into the cabin. The brightness and color can be switched for different stages of the journey, such as boarding, cruising, meal, and sleep times. The soft and variable lighting will also help you to adjust to the transition between time zones on long-haul flights, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and alert.

Fresh, moist air

HEPA filters remove odors, irritants, and gaseous pollutants from the air, bringing fresh air into the cabin and letting you breathe in comfort throughout your whole flight.

Comfortable cabin altitude

787 cabins are pressurized to the equivalent of 6,000 feet, some 2,000 feet lower than other aircrafts. This improves the absorption of oxygen into the blood, reducing headaches, dizziness, and fatigue during the flight.

Greater stability in flight

Stable navigation technology allows the aircraft's wing operation interface to precisely adjust to airflow conditions that could cause noticeable turbulence, helping to deliver a smoother flight. Lower engine noise, quieter air conditioning, and advanced vibration-isolation technology in the cabin all help to minimize noise disturbances in the cabin and make the journey quieter.

New composite materials

The 787 uses reinforced carbon fiber composite materials that are stronger and tougher than traditional composites or steel, making the aircraft more efficient and reducing fuel consumption. Composite materials are not subject to fatigue or corrosion, which reduces planned maintenance and increases flying time.

Advanced piloting systems

Dual head-up displays (HUD) display key flight information on telescopic screens that can be moved within the pilot's line of sight, giving each pilot a simultaneous view of both the overall situation and key flight data, enhancing flight safety in different weather conditions.

Eco-friendly, high-performance engines

General Electric (GE) provided a new generation of engine technology for the 787. The new GENX models were developed from the mature GE90 engines, with the systems optimized for increased efficiency. The indented fairings on the engines serve to reduce noise, improving passenger comfort while facilitating energy savings that help the environment.

    Completely private first-class cabin

  • The all-new first-class cabin features first-class design, with four cocoon seats that provide exclusive accommodation for distinguished guests, creating a new world of luxury just for you.
  • Oval back panels wrap around to create an independent space
  • Ergonomic seats offering electronically controlled back massage
  • Can be reclined into a fully-flat position for comfortable sleep
  • Seats feature power outlets and USB sockets
  • 17-inch personal LCD TV

    Full lie-flat business class cabin

  • The luxurious seats recline 180 degrees at the touch of a button, letting you forget about fatigue and stress, and sleep quietly in the most comfortable position.
  • Adjustable reading lights embedded in seats
  • Drink trays, magazine racks, and dedicated space to store shoes
  • 15-inch personal LCD TV

    All-new PTV economy cabin

  • The seat headrests can be adjusted left, right, upward, and downward, while the head section can be fixed in place. The position of the seat cushion can be adjusted together with the backrest, allowing the legs to relax better. The unique cabin architecture and the novel overhead luggage compartment design totally eliminate the feeling of one's head being enclosed.
  • Higher cabin humidity levels and cleaner air
  • 65% larger windows than ordinary aircraft
  • Electronically controlled, color-changing optical systems replace traditional window blinds
  • Uniquely designed cup holders make it easy to store drinks
  • 9-inch personal LCD TV

In-flight Dining

Enjoy both the finest East Asian cuisine and the best Western food while cruising at 10,000 meters. The authentic and distinctive Chinese meals and meticulously prepared Western meals mean that there will always be something to suit your taste waiting to surprise you.

In-flight Entertainment

Go in to the audio and video on demand (AVOD) system and find a wide range of entertainment that you can enjoy throughout your trip. The advanced AVOD system provides you with more than 800 hours of top-class entertainment, allowing you to choose from a feast of entertainment options including movies, TV shows, music, and games.
Departures/Arrivals Flights Schedule Local departure time Local arrival time
Guangzhou-London CZ303 Daily 9:30 3:10 PM
London-Guangzhou CZ304 Daily 10:35 PM 17:20+1
Guangzhou-Auckland CZ305 Daily 12:30 AM 4:00 PM
Auckland-Guangzhou CZ306 Daily 10:00 PM 06:00+1
Guangzhou-Vancouver CZ329 Daily 2:00 PM 11:15 AM
Vancouver-Guangzhou CZ330 Daily 1:05 PM 17:20+1
Guangzhou-Auckland CZ335 WED, FRI, SUN 2:30 PM 06:00+1
Auckland-Guangzhou CZ336 MON, THU, SAT 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Beijing-Guangzhou CZ3100 Daily 6:30 PM 9:45 PM
Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3103 MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SUN 12:00 PM 2:55 PM
Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3103 SAT 12:00 PM 3:10 PM
Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3109 FRI 2:00 PM 5:10 PM
Beijing-Guangzhou CZ3110 FRI 7:30 PM 10:45 PM
Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3115 Daily 11:00 AM 2:10 PM
Beijing-Guangzhou CZ3122 Daily 5:30 PM 8:45 PM
Guangzhou-Shanghai CZ3537 MON, FRI 11:00 AM 1:20 PM
Shanghai-Guangzhou CZ3538 MON, FRI 2:45 PM 5:05 PM
Guangzhou-Shanghai CZ3571 WED, THU, SAT, SUN 3:05 PM 5:20 PM
Shanghai-Guangzhou CZ3572 WED, THU, SAT, SUN 6:45 PM 9:05 PM
Departures/Arrivals Schedule Local departure time Local arrival time
Daily 9:30 15:10
Daily 22:35 17:20+1
Daily 0:30 16:00
Daily 22:00 06:00+1
Daily 14:00 11:15
Daily 13:05 17:20+1
WED, FRI, SUN 14:30 06:00+1
MON, THU, SAT 9:00 17:00
Daily 18:30 21:45
MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SUN 12:00 14:55
SAT 12:00 15:10
FRI 14:00 17:10
FRI 19:30 22:45
Daily 11:00 14:10
Daily 17:30 20:45
MON, FRI 11:00 13:20
MON, FRI 14:45 17:05
WED, THU, SAT, SUN 15:05 17:20
WED, THU, SAT, SUN 18:45 21:05


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