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  • Introduction of China Southern Airlines
    World's 3rd largest passenger capacity, Asia's largest fleet of more than 600 aircrafts, and internationally-leading safety management.
  • Global Air Route Network
    1,057 destinations worldwide, 20 airlines working together, 636 lounges all over the world.
  • Transfer Service
    Eligible travelers get one- night stay in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, or a free local sightseeing tour while transferring in Guangzhou.
  • Guangzhou 72-hour Visa-free Transit
    Eligible foreign tourists can enjoy a 72-hour visa-free sightseeing tour in Guangdong.
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  •     The CZ special additional fare(fuel and insurance surcharge)

    China Southern Airlines Announces International Fare Fuel Surcharge and Insurance Surcharge for Tickets issued from APR 24th,2015.

    China Southern Airlines sets fuel surcharge levels bimonthly based on the 2-month average price of Singapore kerosene-type jet fuel.

    Fuel Surcharges

    Fare Type : All fare except infant

    Item Code : YR

    Fuel Surcharge for the period: from September 1st

    Route (Per person per sector flown) Based on average price of fuel (per sector) Applicable Date(issued date)
    Singapore, Malaysia ⇔ China CNY400 13JUN2010
    Southeast Asia except Singapore & Malaysia ⇔ China CNY300 1DEC2009
    Manila ⇔ China (Depart from Manila.) USD0 13JAN2015
    Georgia ⇔ China CNY400 29APR2011
    Turkey ⇔ China CNY800 07MAY2011
    South Asia ⇔ China CNY400 08MAY2010
    Pakistan⇔ China CNY300 19NOV2010
    *Moscow ⇔ China (except Harbin⇔Vladivostok, Yanji⇔Vladivostok) CNY850 01AUG2014
    *Vladivostok、Khabarovsk ⇔ Haerbin, China CNY110 20JUN2015
    *Vladivostok⇔Yanji,China CNY110 10JUN2015
    Russia ⇔China (except The above*sector) CNY400 20JUN2015
    Africa ⇔ China CNY700 08AUG2009
    USA、Canada、South and Central America Latin ⇔ China CNY1000 01MAY2012
    Europe ⇔ China
    (First Class, Business Class)
    CNY1600 05JUN2015
    Europe ⇔ China
    (Premium Economy Class, Economy Class)
    CNY1200 05JUN2015
    Oceania ⇔ China CNY700 01MAY2012
    JAPAN ⇔ China (Depart from Japan.) JPY2500 01OCT 2015
    JAPAN ⇔ China (Depart from China.) CNY280 01OCT 2015
    China ⇔ Japan(Depart from outside Japan and China.) CNY280 01OCT 2015
    Taiwan ⇔ Mainland China (Depart from outside Mainland China.) CNY100 01MAR2015
    Mainland China ⇔ Taiwan (Depart from Mainland China) CNY200 01MAR2015
    China ⇔ Korea (Depart from outside China) USD0 01SEP 2015
    Korea ⇔ China (Depart from China.) CNY360 01SEP 2015
    Hong Kong ⇔ Mainland China CNY34 01OCT 2015
    Macao ⇔ Mainland China CNY268 31MAR2015
    Domestic China (More than 800km) CNY0 05FEB 2015
    Domestic China (800Km or less) CNY0 05JAN 2015
    Depart from Japan to the 3rd countries route
    ⇔ The 3rd Countries Destination
    Based on average price of fuel (per sector) Applicable Date(issued date)
    Europe (Except Baku & Russia),Oceania USD92 01AUG2011
    Southeast Asia (Except Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao) USD50 01AUG2011
    USA,CANADA USD95 01AUG2011
    India, Middle east USD60 01AUG2011
    Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao USD25 01AUG2011
    Bangladesh USD50 02AUG2011
    Nepal USD60 02AUG2011

    Applicable to all international passenger tickets issued on or after April 24th, 2015.

    -The Surcharge applies to flights operated by China southern Airlines and including CZ code-share flights operated by other airlines.

    -The planned level of fuel surcharge is subject to government approval.

    -The Fuel Surcharge may change without advance notice.

    Conditions of revision

    China Southern Airlines will review Singapore Kerosene jet fuel price every February, April, June, August, October and December and will apply to the government for the revision of the surcharge of each period shown in Table1 when the average price of the recent 2 consecutive months is lower than the prices shown in Table2 When this average price drops lower than USD60 per barrel, we will remove the fuel surcharge.

    Table 1

    Effective date(based on the ticketing date)
    Timing of review Price to be reviewed
    1 April February Average price of December to January
    1 June April Average price of February to March
    1 August June Average price of April to May
    1 October August Average price of June to July
    1 December  October Average price of August to September
    1 February December Average price of October to November

    Table 2

    Singapore Kerosene Fuel Surcharge(depart from JAPAN)
    Below 80 USD 2,500 JPY
    Below 70 USD 500 JPY

    Insurance Surcharge Information

    Following surcharge applies to China Southern Airlines sectors, per passengers per flight.

    * Amount per person for each segment: 4.00 USD

    * Sales Country:Japan

    * Applicable Routes・Portions : All International Sector(Except Mainland China ⇔ Taiwan. Hong Kong)

    * Applicable fares Type : All passengers Fare

    * Item Code : YQ

    * The insurance surcharge may change without advance notice.

  •     Notification on China Southern Airlines website system upgrade between 18:00-22:00 (GMT time) on June 4th, 2015

    Dear passengers:

    The payment system of China Southern Airlines website will undergo a system upgrade between 18:00-22:00 (GMT time) on June 4th, 2015, during which your payment may be influenced. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support.

    China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

    May 20, 2015

  •     Kuala Lumpur Branch Office Recruitment 2015

     Join Us Now!!!

    POSITION: SALES ASSISTANT (Based in Kuala Lumpur)

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Visit and liaise with travel agencies.

    2. Handle complaint cases.

    3. Preparation of report.

    4. Perform any other duties assigned by the manager as and when required.


    1. Possess Bachelor's Degree in relevant field

    2. Minimum ONE(1) year working experience

    3. Advantage for those who have sales experience

    4. Good in Mandarin and English


    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Make reservation, issuing ticket, etc.

    2. Handle customer enquiries.

    3. Preparation of report.

    4. Perform any other duties assigned by the manager as and when required.


    1. Possess Bachelor's Degree in relevant field

    2. Fresh graduates are encourage to apply

    3. Advantage for those who have related experience

    4. Prefer female candidate

    5. Good in Mandarin and English

    6. Computer literate

    7. Responsible and highly motivated


    Interested candidates please email your resume to :

  •     [Emergency Notification] Strong Earthquake in Nepal; Refunding or Rescheduling for China Southern Airlines Passenger Now Free of Charge

    An 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th. The airport in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, was temporally closed for half a day due to the local strong earthquake in Nepal, and was re-opened on April 25th evening. The China Southern Airlines is promptly arranging transportation capacity available to evacuate the stranded passengers.

    The China Southern Airlines hereby informs our passengers with the following emergency notification: If you have already bought or booked a China Southern Airlines ticket to Kathmandu, wherein the issue date of the ticket is before April 25th (inclusive) and the scheduled flight date is between April 25th (inclusive) and May 25th (inclusive), then you are eligible to have your ticket refunded or rescheduled free of charge.

    We wish the people affected by the earthquake safety and strength!

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